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i made it to Paris… got to fly business class… holy COW!! that was awesome. it was my first time in business class! that makes traveling a million times better!  when i got here, a bunch of my new products that i hadn't seen yet! SO FABULOUS! i love that… so i guess i will be up all night while i have jet lag glimmer misting! sounds great!!

i want to INTRODUCE you to my NEW blog sponsors!! be sure to check them out!
i was just looking through the Blue Moon Scrapbooking.com and they are carrying my brand new Glimmer Mist colors… as well as the Glimmer Misting mat! i have heard they are hard to find at the moment!

Take a minute to check out Shimelle's website too… i have known Shimelle forEVER it seems like! we were both in an email group called "scrap-n-scans" and we'd share 'scans' of our pages … this was like 10 years ago, or so! Shimelle has done AMAZING mind-boggling things since… it's been fun to watch her evolve and make the MOST of technology to SHARE her gifts!

Crazy Daisy not only offers some cool kits, but i was reading about "Picnik" photo editing on their blog… you MUST check it out! so EASY! 

i have goodies coming from Liz (a new ring), Lisa Leonard (a surprise)  and someting w/ ruffles from Shey B

i'll be filming a little video tonight… so watch for that link hopefully tomorrow if the TECHNO works out! off to see the Eiffel Tower!!


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