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boy crafts…

boy crafts…

i think that since my boys were little, anything they picked up seemed to somehow be a 'gun'. you know… complete with sound effects, and triggers…what is it about boys? we aren't hunters–but my boys have a facscination with guns… airsoft, BB, and they will even settle for 'marshmallow' guns. 

Shopping so they kept nagging me to take them to Home Depot so they could buy PVC pipe and fittings- they had sketched guns, and  wrote up lists of what parts they needed… constructed the guns, spray painted them… and then shot each other with marshmallows. 

this marshmallow shooting game was all-inclusive, everyone was in on it! and now, i can't make Rice Krispie Treats. on the up side, i think it occupied them all day long. (don't judge me ) lol….Marshmallows

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