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brain decor

brain decor


doesn't it seem like the kids totally turn their brains off for the summer! i try to make sure they do a little reading, but the math facts seems to go out the window! quincy would kill me if she knew that i was mentioning this, but she has a hard time remembering all her math facts- they are not just automatic from her, and it's something that she really wants to improve…so, i had this idea to make a little 'banner' from a set of flash cards… and then hung them up under her bed… i thought it acutally looked pretty cute, but she was annoyed! she said that all she can think about is math facts now in her room! (BINGO!!)


i picked up the flash cards from the dollar store…and figured i'd grab some addition as well- i think that this would be so cute to do for capri with some of her sight words, or even just the alphabet as she is starting kindergarten.

Flashcardsewing i just sewed them together- used just a straight stitch-
anyway- i think it's a great way to keep the brain functioning during the summer ! (if you happen to still be in the midst of summer vacation, which we are only partially summer vacationing)



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