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Well, the last few days developed into a bit of a whirlwind! On Friday we got a call from my folks in Fiji with news that because of a Cyclone, their travel plans were changing and that instead of coming home as planned on the 19th of Jan, they were now coming home on Saturday the 15th!   Of course, we were super excited, but it meant that my little in-my-head-preparation-schedule for getting ready for them to come home- moved to the tippy-top of my priority list and everything else that was scheduled –so I would be ready for them wed- got the back burner!  SO, Saturday morning…we were at their house with the movers getting all their stuff moved back into the house.  My aunt KJ came over about 3pm and from 3-6pm we cranked out the welcome home banners, signs and of course… the all-important BULA t-shirts! Because I just couldn’t let them come home with out welcome home t-shirts! (yes, I know that I am crazy…I admit it). 


I was so excited about the t-shirt design… “bula” means HELLO in Fijian- and so I wanted that on the shirt- this is what I came up with. Originally, I wanted to dye the shirts, but I had to let that go- and since I now had just plain white t-shirts to work with, I decided to grant myself permission to do a ‘2-color’ design, and that kinda morphed into 3 colors…… Capri quincy

I got little tank tops for the girls that were super cheap and still cute. I am lucky that my boys will still put these creations on- cause they do have good impact!

  Photo 1 Photo 3 Sign

The Banner turned out great too! KJ brought these really cool poster paints, and helped Capri and quincy punch out all those flowers and flower centers and glue them together, and then onto the banner! (equally as helpful was ERIC getting the boys out of the house to do some final moving errands)

MeetingcharAnyway- it was so exciting to have them come home! They arrived in SLC around 9pm on Sat night, so the airport was pretty quiet. As per usual, the missionaries were seated at the back of the plane so that family members had to wait anxiously as everyone passed! Seemed like everyone on the flight walked by us and reassured us that our missionaries were on their flight, and that they were coming- one guy even told us that they stopped to use the restrooms… funny!  The kids spotted them first up the stairs, and I swear almost tackled my mom as she came down the escalator (that would have been bad! They were both wearing their gorgeous hand made leis from Fiji and were super tan, and wearing sandals!  It was so great to see them! I am sure that the cold was a shock! They got to meet Charlotte for the first time! And we MISSED my sister’s family –they are scheduled to fly in wed so they would be here when mom and dad arrived… so I guess we’ll take the BULA sign back to the airport when they come!!Home

  Home1My folks were SO excited to see their house, and sleep in their OWN BED and open the boxes of their clothes! It was fun to experience their excitement over every little thing- like hot water coming out the sink tap, and automatic ice makers… and  driving on the “right” side of the road again!  I have just LOVED sharing their mission with them, and now it’s fun to hear their experiences first hand- tonight we had a good old-fashioned Sunday dinner together as a family- my sister-in-law LaRane is such a great cook- and she really went all out- roast beef, homemade rolls, red velvet bundt cake with homemade fudge sauce – the works! and mom and dad shared some of their thoughts, and stories, and it was just awesome. It’s great to have them home!  I feel really blessed and happy to be living so close to family after so many years away…..(missing you Katie!)

Bula Mom and Dad! …..off to a crazy busy week!


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