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busy day.

busy day.

Busy, busy today. I impressed myself with how many tasks and
projects I was simultaneously completing! (including teaching Capri and Connor
how to properly apply ‘smooch’ paints, wink!) It’s amazing what a motivator a
deadline is mixed with limited number of workable hours AND tons of help from
very creative toddlers… not to mention a little something to look forward to
like a ticket to the midnight showing of New Moon tonight!! (smirk)… and I am
SO battling a cold. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving (in Arizona)…so

Note: if you will be in AZ over thanksgiving… I am teaching
my ‘Time and Season’ class at Scrap Happy Sisters on Saturday morning-


I am planning a little Holiday ‘rejuvenation’ party!! We’ll
be making  a FABUOUS little Christmas Countdown and doing some pampering!! (we
can all use a little pampering to get us through this time of year!!)—i'll be sharing it as soon as it's on the site! LOVE it.

Look at my cute little invite!!



We are working furiously to get the House of 3 Christmas
goodies on the site… so get ready for some FUN!


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