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busy today!

busy today!

Img_9087What a day! I have to tell you that I am feeling like I have totally kicked butt on the jet lag this go around. I have been trying to figure out what the difference is!  When I arrived in the states, i decided that I better get a hold of things quick, so I was very pro-active in getting myself on the US time. I took benedryl so I would go to sleep by 10 that first night (usually I can’t get myself to sleep before 3am the first day back) and then I took some excederine to keep myself going through that lull at 3-5pm! The flight back arrived in Beijing at 2:30pm, which turns out to be a great time to arrive, as you only have to keep yourself going until about 10pm, then if you crash… you can make it through the night. I have been feeling pretty good. Today was so full! No chance to have any jeg lag bogging me down. As I mentioned, Emily is here… and today we had stuff! This morning we were meeting with the tour organizers for the group that is coming here in a week and ½ w/ Jim West and Scrapmap. We went to the Crowne Plaza where we are staying and checked out all the rooms, the meeting rooms, the menus and stuff like that. it’s a really sweet hotel! It’s going to be awesome. I met Charlie who will be our tour guide… he has awesome English, and has been leading tours since ’81. He is very knowledgeable and we had a wonderful visit. I had to try to explain to them all what scrapbooking is! There is just nothing comparable here for them to relate. Chuckle. Then they wanted to take me to some fancy new restaurant that also has a Peking Opera show as well… so we drove to the place and they fed us lunch and it was a little more Chinese that I think that we really are going to want to eat. All kinds of VERY TRADITIONAL Beijing dishes that were …um-how can I explain? YUCKY!!!!!! Scary… so we are going to pass on that place, and I was glad that I got to have some input and remind them what kinds of things that we would and would not like to eat. It was funny! I also made sure they knew that we like ‘lots of ice’… ha ha. For those of you who are coming… the hotel is fabulous! And you will be very comfortable there! It’s in a great location… we are going to have such a wonderful time!

That meeting took up most the day, and we sped back here to get changed and pick up the kids to head to the Olympic Green for our Parolymipic events tonight. We had general admission tickets to the ‘athletic’ events that were being held I the birds nest. It was PACKED!!! it is so awesome to see it in real life.. it’s so much more huge and awe-inspiring when you are right there by it!  We got there a little late, and I think that we got the last 5 seats in the whole place. It was amazing to see such crowds. The Parolympic tickets are much easier to get, and so the place was just full to the brim. It was so totally inspiring to watch these amazing athletes… now I am just totally blitzed!
Going to sleep good tonight!

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