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Have to admit, I am loving the summer thing! I think that
the relaxation-MEXICO trip to kick things off was a good idea! Because we have
been going, going, going non-stop! I have to share a couple quick photos from
Saturday…it was a crazy day-


Eric is coaching the boys Rugby Team- it was their very
first game and they were so nervous! But it was awesome as they came out of the
shoot and scored like 3 “tries” in a row! Rugby is a pretty fun game to watch.



It moves really fast and just watching these little guys tackle and run is most
entertaining! They tied their first game and won the second game, and did a
great job working together as a team (much credit to their coach!).

some of the spectators had a little problem staying focused on the game… how typical is this?:


After the boys’ games, we had to high-tail it to Raging
Waters… which is a water park here…because Quincy was performing with her dance
group. That has to be a racket to get families into the park! I mean…
seriously- so we went and played for the afternoon-


Quincy did great… it’s so
much fun to see your kid up there performing. This place that she dances with
also gets the kids singing- while she is taking jazz, tap and ballet, the
performances are more like what you would see at Lagoon w/ the street  performers. I am not sure how to
explain it- but when they go on stage they do like 5 numbers and they are
totally working the whole stage! Like it’s a set instead of just a number. It’s
quite impressive. I think that she’s found her calling!


I am SO lame, because I didn’t even take a single photo on
father’s day! what is wrong with me?? I will be honest, I have been the LAMEST
photographer ever this summer. What is my deal? I don’t know… but I have to be
better. We did have a super fun Father’s day…the culmination was a big game
of Capture the Flag… I haven’t played that in a long time! and I even got a
couple grass stains! Made me look tough. I love living by my brother and
sister… i love they we can go to the pool, and watch kids’ games and get
together on Sundays. I feel so blessed! (no photos…UGH)


My crazy Monday (yesterday) ended on a high note (after a morning of meetings and mock ups, and an afternoon of pool time.. and a backyard BBQ)  as we
loaded up everyone plus a couple (em is visiting and quincy brought a friend)
to go out to the Redwood Drive-In to see Toy Story 3. I love going to the drive
in- I guess because I can remember getting zipped up in my cozy jammies and
being allowed to sit on the roof of the car to watch. Toy Story 3 was so cute!
Loved it… didn’t count on it being a tear jerker… I won’t make any commentary
on the story, in case you haven’t seen it yet… but it’s a great flick, and done
so well! Eric didn’t even fall asleep, which is a HUGE nod to the movie!(again, no photo..duh!)


I am scrapbooking today- and finalizing stuff for tomorrow
night’s webshow!! I hope you are planning on joining the fuN! Wed night 7pm
Mountain Time…(wishing i had more photos)…

note to self: take photos today!

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