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buying time.

buying time.

Holy cow…

I should have taken more photos at Creative Escape (this is
my thought EVERY YEAR)

I should have typed something up each night for the blog…cause
now I am totally overwhelmed.


I really want to share my thoughts and feelings about how
Creative Escape went…

maybe you heard by now how AMAZING it was… and how our Charity fund raiser for the Lymphoma/Leukemia Society went… if not.. hang in!


(not a great picture… but you get the idea; maybe you saw them on the Ce blog)

here is a closer look at my lamp:


here is a look at Tim's…


I'll fill you in on what happened later!

if you were at CE.. and you have posted photos to your facebook… please share them with me!! i'd love to see CE through your eyes…

but today is totally a recovery day. behind on laundry,
groceries, cleaning, unpacking and fundamentally paying attention to each of
one of the people in my family. phew… exhausting.


So… I AM working on:

  1. a
    great big huge CE summary w/ a few photos and inspirations
  2. a
    calendar of all the places that I will be teaching through the end of the year…dates,
    and places… including stores in: Tucson, Cave Creek, Chandler, AZ; Rigby,
    Idaho, TX (dallas and Houston), S. Dakota and Florida… AND SALT LAKE CITY
  3. some
    fun and highly SPOOKY chills and thrills for Halloween… I mean, wowsa,
    check out the NEW Halloween stuff at House of 3.
  4. Physical
    availability of my Creative Escape project…
  5. AND I am
    starting a new EXERCISE regimen this week! I gotta get serious.


I am MISSING all my CE friends!



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