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we are a week out from Valentines day! i need to swing into action and sprinkle some love around my house! I have been so focused on other stuff! good stuff! but there is still time to enjoy Valentines goodness! i love Valentine’s … i can remember when i was little, we delivered little valentines’ on our friends’ doorstep, ring the doorbell and run! it was so much fuN! when did that stop? i think we need to bring it back this year… and we are bringing it back with these…all you need is: transperancy film (avail at office supply), some super cute scrapbook paper… and since my cute “Sugar Chic” collection is not available until March, i suggest this cutie cute collection that Jessica Sprague and I created together “For the Love”…

i printed a little message on the transperancy (it says Love This Candy) –which i do! You will need a sewing machine to make this work… sew around the heart leaving about 2″ open on one of the sides. Then fill it with candy. i stuck the hot lips in as far as i could, and that kept it open enough to fill with the M&M’s. any candy would work… once you have the candy in place, just sew up the 2” opening.

i had a couple feet of ‘heidi swapp’ ribbon from the show… (i LOVE having heidi ribbon!, i’ll admit it!) so i cut it into small pieces, folded it over and stapled it in place just so it said ‘heidi’… i used my little 6×6 patterns, which is fun cause the scale is smaller- i love that. these were fun to share!

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