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capturing connor in a memory file

capturing connor in a memory file

last night, we were having our typical night-time routine–clean up, pj’s, brush teeth, reading, prayers… and then the inevitable question that Capri and Connor beg me each night –would i lay down with them until they fall asleep? so of course, connor makes room and i lay down on his bottom bunk, and share his pillow pet. my plan is to lay there for 3 minutes and then get to some ‘me’ time.
As i lie there, Connor snuggles right up to my side and closes his eyes. he is my most snuggly child–maybe ONLY snuggly child. and admittedly, i love it.

With my head so deep inside the preparation of my ‘observation’ class… i feel my mind becoming more aware of my thoughts and feelings. as i lie there (well past 3 minutes) ,  i hear his breathing and feel his chest moving up and down. — as his breathing slows, i start asking myself questions:  How will i remember this?

i was caught up in a fear of forgetting, and not remembering this very sweet, and possibly fleeting characteristic. i started thinking about specific things i want to remember; things that describe connor.

i decided to create a Memory File project that was inspired by those specific things i wanted to remember- rather than an ‘event’ based project, i wanted to make something that captured connor right now! –something to help insure i will remember! a Memory File is perfect for this project: interactive and full of surprises. as i looked through my printed photos, i started contemplating the things i wanted to capture!

this project has 18 photos, with multiple little ‘openables’.  i decided i wanted to focus on a few things that define him… a funny one: his hair. We were all so sad when we cut his hair! His brothers, a listing of his strengths, a book where i can write a collection of his quotes! and a mini-book that has photos from Connor’s fourth birthday. This project makes me happy!

This project is made from 3 of my new Memory Files (no limits): 1:  is the cover

(Connor’s bday is July 7th, and it’s really pretty lame that i haven’t gotten around to documenting the big day! but let’s be real… there are a lot of events/memories that are super important, but haven’t made it to the top of my scrapbooking priority list! SO, i thought i’d roll the birthday photos all into this project!)

2: is the inside folder that creates a pocket for the birthday mini and a divider which offers a whole additional page to add photos!


3: is cut to make the birthday mini.

with 4 totally different and unique interactive elements, i was able to capture all my thoughts, feelings and observations. i had a blast creating it.

As March is winding down ( i can’t even believe that i am saying that)…i am gearing up to bring you an entire month (APRIL) of instruction and inspiration, ideas ALL featuring the Memory File system.  Working on these files is exciting!  i just love discovering new ways to use the products together…i have all kinds of surprises in the works! i am so ready to see what YOU are going to do with these files…i am excited to see what the design team will create…and i can’t wait to share my favorite tips and tricks.  i hope you don’t run out of photos before you can try these cool techniques!

i hope you have a great weekend! make pretty stuff!

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