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Summer reflections.

Wow. So here we are.  For some of you summer has already wrapped and school is back in session.  For others we are savouring these last weeks of August as September quickly approaches.  I swear it was just May.  Sadly though, I can hardly even remember that.

I spent some time the other day scrolling through my photo roll.  It is just a bit overwhelming to say the least.  Instead of trying to pick my one or two favourites, I just printed out a “top 12” of the last few weeks.  I grabbed my Care Free 6 x 8 Paper Pad and some adhesive.  My paper trimmer and some stamps.  I then got to work.

There is nothing like a photo collage to just take you where you want to go.

Back to the moments and memories that bring you instantly to a place of pure summer time joy.

To mindfulness, to presence.

To deeply just appreciating the beauty of the ordinary.

Nature, sunshine, bike rides, backyard blow up pools.

Laying in the grass, ice cream in waffle cones, wild flowers and the joy of water rushing out of a garden hose.

Bare feet in the grass, french braids and pool floaties.

Yes to it all.

All of that and more I was able to capture and forever freeze on this page.

It may be small but it is mighty.

I challenge you this month, to scroll back in your phone.  Find those photos that just encapsulate what summer means to you.  Print them out, adhere them to a page.  Does not even have to be fancy.  I honestly kept things here as simple as possible as I just wanted the photos to speak for themselves.  Keep the main thing the main thing.  That is and forever will be the memories.

Supplies: Minc Color Fresh Clear Stamp Set6×8 Care Free Paper Pad 

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