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Welcome to Friday everyone.  And a little Friday favourite at that.

Today I want to share with you one of my latest scrapbook pages, that also involves a process video.

I wanted to demonstrate my process, from start to finish on how I created my latest page.

To show you just how easy it is to pull things together from minimal supplies.

The secret sauce sometimes really is minimizing the ‘stuff’ which often leads to ‘maximized’ production.

It is often a method I rely on if I ever feel creatively stuck.

By placing limits around what I am allowed to use, has served me again and again to hone in more on the project at hand and get it done.

The focus that comes from limits really is a great way to dig deep and reignite inspiration again and again.

I know things can often get overwhelming.  The fear of the blank page is so very real.  However, trust me on this…once you get moving, the momentum is awesome.  Just trust it and keep flowing with it.  It will take you to great places!

This page was created solely using the Care Free Project Pads that are available right now at JoAnn Stores and JoAnn online.  The main one I used for this page is the 12×12 pad.  I think I used the smaller one for only one sticker on this page I believe.  So it really was a one product page win.

So get comfy, grab a quick drink and watch my little 3 minute approx. process video.  It really does not have to be complicated to be meaningful and get the job of telling our stories done.

It is no secret this Project Pad is pretty awesome.  I have to say my favourites are the die cut sheet that I used for my ‘page title’ and those stickers.  Just cannot be beat.  The solid papers are also in such an array of beautiful colours and tones.  Perfect for all our spring and summer stories.

Be sure to get your hands on one of these Care Free Paper Pads.  You will love how accommodating and effortless it is to tell your stories with!

Find everything right now at JoAnn Stores and JoAnn online.

Supplies: Care Free Project Pad

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