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catch up…

catch up…

do you ever read back on your blog, and have little trips down memory lane!? i love it. whew, i feel like i have had such a wild ride in the last 9 months… (understatement), and for some reason, i just needed to go backward in time and be reminded of all that has transpired. i sat for a little while tonight and just took some time to B R E A T H E.  time has flown by- it stops  for nothing, for no one… and i feel like i have just been hanging on for the ride.  i think that in looking back i can see blessings so much more clearly than i can when i am in the moment. i appreciate looking back and seeing things w/ that perfect 20/20 hindsight. more than anything, i am feeling an abundance of blessings, hope and peace. prayers answered, worries worked out, and paths illuminated. just feeling grateful. happy, happy thanksgiving.

psst… h of 3 christmas is coming…. plan on coming 'home' for the holidayS!!!! EXCITING STUFF… we can't wait to share!!xoxoxo


are you ready to create cards, calendars, candles, tags, lables, etc. etc. etc??


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