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catching up

catching up


It has been forever since I last blogged… I can’t believe how I blink, and there goes a week! I have been sitting here wondering what I have been doing in the last week or so… i am feeling totally exhausted. The house is quiet, and normally that would energize me, but instead I am wanting to just close my eyes and go to sleep! Tired. It’s been deadline time for me… and if I thought that deadlines were tricky before, try having deadlines when the people you have to work with are 13 hours behind!  My day is everyone else’s night, and vise versa…I have been in the throws of new product design, and receiving all the new samples for CHA to give the final ‘ok’, and working on catalog and packaging samples…it’s been exciting, and exhausting and I think I am trying to recover from a week with no sleep! I used to could stay up for days on end w/ little to no sleep, and I guess that I need more sleep now that I used to! Saturday night was our branch Christmas Party, and we had a great time! Everything went really smoothly, and a good time was had by all. I got this photo that was taken behind santa, as everyone was waiting patiently to get on santa’s lap. I really do love the reaction from the kids when they hear santa’s jingle bells jangle over everyone talking, and suddenly everyone is quiet, then the kids start to let out these little squeals, and start jumping and clapping…always a highlight. I came home and just fell right into bed, and slept ever-so-soundly! Sunday we went to church, and instead of cooking a meal when we got home, I baked cookies! That is a healthy alternative! But I think after …what 4-5 tries, I have finally figured out my oven! I know right where to set the temp gauge and just how long to cook them. I have almost perfected them again… such a relief! So, now…with chips and salsa, and choc. Chip cookies… Sunday is complete! (wink).

Sunday evening, I went over to Keisha Campbell’s home. She lives pretty close to me, and I have been wanting to meet her. She is a Garden Girl and also has done some work for various companies…like Making Memories, and recently she helped Christy Tomlinson kick of her new kit company. Check out her blog… she has made some really cute stuff… it  was really fun to meet her and peak into her studio and her creative space. She has great taste. It was fun to connect with another scrapbooker!
Monday we woke up to SNOW in Beijing!Img_2110
It was SO exciting for use Img_2157
Arizona people. I mean, if it’s going to be this cold…we really deserve snow! We had made a decision to go to the summer palace on the morning of the first snow for a family photo… so we hurried to get out the door and bundled up and sure enough, we got our photo. I am attaching a couple of them here.  The kids made the most of sliding around and throwing snowballs! It wasn’t a LOT of snow, but enough to make things look very beautiful, the way only snow can.Img_2134

So what do you do inside for fun when it’s sooo cold outside?? Well, we have been taking Chinese classes for the last several weeks, and our teacher Echo (pictured) is also a clay teacher, so she has been Img_2154
teaching the kids how to make a few little things out of clay, and brought them some clay to take home and bake. Oh wow… my kids are having SOOO much fun playing with clay! We have never done that before! (where have I been?) and it’s so easy and fun…and once you bake it for like 10-15 minutes in the oven around ?160 C… they are ready to play with! They have been making all kinds of things as you can see. There is a whole set of mini-christmas tree ornaments made from pink and black clay.. so cute. But I thought this was the funniest… Img_1947
the kids love the movie ‘surf’s up’ (such a great show, such great voices), so they made a bunch of surfing penguins. I loved it how quincy colored this surfing background for the penguins to play with. such a crack up.Img_1897

Ok, so I am falling asleep at the wheel here…

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