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Why it is Important to Capture Your Summer Memories

Summer is almost here and it’s a great time for stories, travel photos plus your personal creative style. Don’t tell anyone, but I may or may not be catching up with some travel photos from last year. Yep. But that’s OK. Adding these photos to this Storyline album is causing me to relive these memories […]

Must Have Planner Tools

Must Have @heidiswapp Planner Tools
Happy Friday friends! Today I am up to share a Memory Planner post and I thought it would be fun to kick off this month of June with a post about my favourite planner tools. I love paper crafting tools. Whether they are punches, trimmers, scissors…well the list goes on and on. Paper crafting tools […]

MINC It Monday | DIY Foiled Pinwheels

Heidi Swapp Minc
Welcome back to MINC It Monday. I don’t know about you but I just can not get enough the of the Leopard Print Minc foil. I just want to use it ALL the time! I came up with the idea of creating a fun pin wheel to embellish my newest layout using the delish Color […]

100 Days of Happiness in a Planner

document 100 happy days I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp
Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about Memory Planners.  Specifically personal sized ones.  A lot of times when people look at planners they think about them in the traditional sense.  However…memory planners can make the most fabulous journaling tools!  They are already laid out monthly and weekly, ready to take on whatever is to […]

The Story with Color Fresh Paperline

Heidi Swapp Color Fresh
Back in January when I travelled from Brisbane Australia to Phoenix Arizona to meet Heidi and the rest of the girls on the media team one of the places I wanted to visit the most was  In- N- Out! The only catch was, we didn’t have a car rental….what is a girl to do when […]

Super Star Teachers

Heidi Swapp Color Fresh
This week has been Teacher Appreciation week! Being a kindergarten here in Brisbane Australia, I love that everyone can get a  chance to celebrate all the amazing work that my fellow teachers across the world do. In the state where I live all kindergarten classes are lucky enough to have a full time teacher aide! […]

How to Embellish with the MINC Glue Pens

Heidi Swapp Minc Glue Pen Embellishment Ideas by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp
Minc It Monday is a series of blog posts here at Heidi Swapp that talks about all things…well…Minc! Today’s Minc It Monday is all about the Minc Glue Pens. Taking the Glue Pens, the Silver Square Reactive Foil, some Color Fresh Paper, and of course the Minc Machine, we are going to add simple foiled […]