color fresh paper collection I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp
Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I am up on the blog to share some Color Fresh inspiration with you all.  I am SO happy about this too! I am not sure where you are all from, but where I am from winter has settled in with a vengeance and shows NO signs of going […]

How To Create a Tag Book With Emerson Lane

How To Create a Tag Book With Heidi Swapp Emerson Lane by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate @heidiswapp
Breathtaking Emerson Lane showing itself off in this newest tag book. Today I am sharing with you a new mini album, or tag book, if you will. Emerson Lane is the most stunning of collections sitting on my work table right now. I love it’s soft feminine vibe. Yet it’s bold colors that are great […]

Color Fresh Paperline | It’s Party Time!

Color Fresh Paperline | It's Party Time Letterboard Decor - Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp
I gotta tell ya…I’m about done with winter. DONE. I feel this way about this time every year…but this year the feeling is especially strong. It’s just too dang cold…and I’m tired of waiting for the temperature to rise. I decided that if I couldn’t make it warmer outside, I’d have to bring summer inside. […]

Color Fresh Paperline | A “Boy” Layout

Creating a "BOY" layout with the Color Fresh Paperline | Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp
When I was told I’d be given free range to create whatever I wanted with Heidi’s new Color Fresh Paperline, the wheels started turning…did I want to use this beautiful new collection in my planner? Or make more cards like I did in THIS post? Maybe I would use it to decorate some pages in my […]

NEW Leopard Print Foil!

Heidi Swapp Minc
I have never been more excited about a new collection than the new MINC foils. There are 5 stunning new patterns but I think my favorite might just be the Leopard  print! I’m just in love with how versatile it can be, it works well with neutrals but also brights as well. Let me share […]

Love Your Selfie Mini Album

Love Your Selfie Mini Album by @createoften for @heidiswapp
Valentine’s Day use to be a day when the single lady would binge watch chick flicks while eating a pint of ice cream. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for couples anymore. It has morphed into something so much better. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I saw the holiday for what […]

New MINC Foils and Free Printable

new Heidi Swapp Minc Foils + Free Download by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp
Fresh new Minc Foils are in the house! I am super excited to kick this week off with Minc It Monday. Today I am going to swoon over the new foils. Five new Reactive Foils have been introduced to the collection. I mean…isnt’ that the heart and soul of new Minc product? Foil? Allow me […]

Send a Handmade by Heidi Card to a Friend Day

Send a Handmade By Heidi Swapp Card Day by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp
There are updated ways anymore to communicate to our friends. Why would we send a card the old fashion way? I mean, you have to make a card. Write the card, right? And then find the address. And who has people’s home addresses anymore? And then a stamp? like, a postage stamp that you have […]