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live on TV!

live tv freaks me out. i was on what is called “sonoran living”… it’s the 9 am live show on the abc channel here. i thought that it actually went pretty well! a long time ago, we worked on a book at making memories called ‘a season of giving’. i love the book… good stuff […]

seeing a dent!

ok… it’s after 2pm. i am still in my PJ’s… got up this morning and came straight into my studio and started scrapbooking. i am not sure how the kids got breakfast, but they weren’t asking me, so i wasn’t asking them! the kids have spent all day playing outside and i have just been […]

turkey eve

although i have kept up with my ‘goal’ of scrapbooking a page a day all week from my recent NYC trip… the stack of photos is not really dwindling! and here is yet another ‘one-photo’ layout- but i like it! i like the unusual color combo: pink, red and split-pea soup green! the green “dotty” […]

cyber planning

this is among the top 3 best photos from the trip! we were all sitting on this bed in our hotel, because for some reason, while sitting on this bed, we could pick up signal from some random guy that has wireless close by! so we could use it for free… we were all huddled […]

tasty morsel!

as promised… here is last night’s NYC layout! i hope you can see it here enough to appreciate this fabulous little find! i am a ROAMER when i go to NYC… i just get myself to a good area, and then wander. this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant gave us such a chuckle… so cute! i really […]

so i was "tagged"

well teri fode… here you go! i have to laugh cause in reading teri’s blog… i discovered that we have much in common… including the tendancy to stay up much too late creating… and then, in effort not to get ‘in trouble’ from our spouses, we sneak into bed c a r e f u […]

short week

i had to chuckle at myself… last night i re-read my last entry and i sound pretty sleep-deprived! sorry that i sounded like a freaK! and it seemed like there was a little confustion on the layout that i posted last time.. .that was not QUINCY in the photo! that was a little girl that […]

still up…

i haven’t posted any layouts in a long time! this is a quick one… house is quiet… and i have been so tired tonight and just totally decided to fight off sleep cause i felt like scrapbooking. i did this layout – just took a few minutes… i snapped this photo really quick tonight for […]

creativity and it's ENEMY: guilt

creativity is such a funny thing. something you just have no control over. there is nothing worse than a ‘creative’ to-do list… for me it usually just comes down to the wire and the creativity kicks in at the last possible minute. i have GOT to figure out how to manage it better… but how? […]


i am having “post-new york city-stress-disorder”. i can’t get myself back in the game! i can’t focus… i am unmotivated. tired. behind on everything! i did CLEAN MY CLOSET today. and put all HALLOWEEN DECOR AWAY! (yea- fun to get out; funner to PUT AWAY). WASHED my sheets… i LOVE clean sheets. and i did […]