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ce autograph book

ce autograph book

If u are coming to creative escape– you probably already heard that this year's autograph book- "greetings from creative escape" has just been posted!  If u have been to CE before, you know how fun it is to get photos and sigs of all the teachers, new fabulous friends, your class volunteers and all the people that make your Creative Escape unforgettable… This year's book is inspired by vintage postcards- turned out so cute thanks to the digital stylings on ms.  Rhonna Farrer!  The colors and vibe tie right into the new look and feel of 2010 creative escape…gorgeous!

You can really use this book for any part of your trip. I thought it would be so cute to print the photos and adhere them to the backs of the postcards after the event! So you might want to print extra pages! 

The kit you will download has a total of 6 PDF pages. They are sized to create a 5×7 book.  I have written some instructions and included them in the downloadable kit.  Don't leave it to the last minute to make this book! ( like you know I would!!)  I am in the process of getting a little video ready…so get it all printed out and you will be ready for the video!  Download it here.




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