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Celebrating Little Black Dress!

Celebrating Little Black Dress!


I am so happy for my friends at “Little Black Dress” kit club… this month they are celebrating their 1 YEAR anniversary of providing fabulous, beautiful, versatile kits… that feature delicious combos of papers, along with hand-picked unique elements: buttons, trims, game pieces, ephemera and creative possibilities!In celebration of their anniversary, they sent me their “Black Tie Love Affair”, and invited me to create something with a cool tool that they could give away!

On the same day I got the kit, I also got a box that contained the new iBond cordless glue gun, as well as a pedal roller from Imaginise! So I was so excited to play with those cool toys! So I designed a really cool book that I used the iBond to put together… this is a really cool tool- it’s so great to have that ease and functionality of a hot glue gun right at your fingertips, and not 3 feet from an outlet!  So… hang on, and i'll tell you how you can WIN a Glue GUN and petal roller to a lucky winner!


But before I show you the big tutorial for this cute little book.. can I show you a quick layout that I made using some darling photos I snapped yesterday-

Lucky page


This week.. maybe you will be thinking about who you are lucky to have in your life!
I love that the Little Black Dress people just included a little touch of green in this kit! Just enough so it won’t get pinched!


When I opened the kit, of course I was immediately drawn to this beautiful big glittery “LOVE” paper… and I started thinking of how I could make a cute mini-book with this on the cover!  We had been making these cute interactive (fold out) cards in the Mouse, Paper, Scissors class that I have been teaching w/ Jessica  Sprague- and I was feeling so inspired by the card, that it made me start thinking how I could incorporate that into the minibook…so I wanted to make pages that opened up : 1. A top fold 2. A bottom folding up 3. A side fold and 4. A side pull-out.   When I am creating a new type of book, I have to be thinking about the size and shape, the binding and in this case.. the inside page dynamics!  This is such a fun book!

 So, first, I cut, scored, folded and prepped the inside pages. The book is 6” tall and 8” wide.  Here are some little sketches of how I planned each page.


  1. top fold- the crease is along the top of the page- and the flap folds up


2. Side fold- the crease is on the right edge of the page, and the flap opens to the right

FOLDOUT 3. Pull out- this one is pretty tricky for me to explain, but it’s like a ‘Z’ fold- and I LOVE how it works…

4. Bottom fold- this is really fun, and different… the flap opens down. I love it.


To bind the book, I made a score line ¾” in from the left edge (using the Martha Stewart score board) on the cover and each inside page… then- this was so easy- I used the hot glue between each page to hold the pages together. To finish it off, I wrapped a piece around the outside of the spine and adhered it with the hot glue as well! Makes it QUICK!

here is a 'bottom fold' page. notice the score line on the left:


this is a 'top fold' page… again- you can see the score line-

TUT2 Glue

to attach the pages together- i simply layered the pages on top of each other- and glued in the 3/4" from the left side- those score lines need to be really folded, and defined!
TUT3 Just look at how cute the inside pages are… I am not totally done w/ this book, but I love it so far!

the very first page i used one of my FAVORITE photos of my little guy!  it's a side open page:


3page3 3page
onto page 2… this is a bottom fold style page, and it's perfect for this photo too!

Bottom1 Bottom4Bottom2

Bottom3this is the hard one to really show- there are 3 score lines… and when you pull this open:


 ok… it's tricky to see, but i love how it works!  this book is so much fuN! i hope that i am conveying how it works!!

so by now, you have seen just a snippit of the GORGEOUS pieces to this kit!  you can click HERE to buy this kit… but as i mentioned, LBD is giving away an iBOND and a Petal Roller… i used it to make these little gold buds:

Gold buds
here's what you have to do to enter to win!!:

1. Go to the Little Black Dress facebook page and "LIKE" them…

2. Leave them a happy little comment, and wish them a happy birthday… and tell them they are fab!!

3. in 72 hours from Monday midnight.. they will randomly pick a winner! 

i hope you will go and give them a cyber hug! they are awesome!!

SO, to my friends at Little Black Dress… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



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