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cha summer — new memory files!

cha summer — new memory files!

Today is MEMORY FILE DAY!  and truth be told… this is kinda where my heart is… last show I launched the ‘memory file’ concept, and my entire approach and perspective on scrapbooking and memory keeping has DRASTICALLY changed because of these little numbers!!

If I had to explain Memory File in just a few words …. it’s just getting MORE photos into ONE project- capturing MORE of the story, and creating something that is interactive to accommodate those photo, and memories!

The Files can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like, and as your event/memory requires!  Memory File has breathed a whole new life into scrapbooking for me!

Here’s an overview of my NEW Memory File releases ….

for this summer release, I have created some amazing and exciting new developments in the Memory File line:

Chipboard files– these are awesome, and designed for those times when you want to create more of a substantial ‘album’. These are just raw chip, and intended to be covered with paper, paint, stamping etc. They come is 2 sizes. I have some really cool ideas in the works with these … like cutting them apart and re-binding ….

Mini-Files… everything is cuter when it comes in MINI!!  These files offer some designs that are different from the regular sized files, and make PERFECT additions to the inside of the files to create pages inside, as well as being a great size for card making! They have the same cool edges and shaped tabs as their regular-sized counterparts.

are you going to cha? these little minis are actually one of the make & takes at the show! … i LOVE to add tons of texture and layers to the front of the files: banner delights, trimmings… so cute! … Tie two of the mini folders together… and BOOM instant mini book!

Fotostack version 2: The fotostack was such a huge hit… that of course I had to create a Version2! This new fotostack is the coolest! Love all the shapes, patterns and the ‘foto sleeves’ included. You will be amazed how many photos can be added into this! I also decided to create a mini of sheet protectors…I love it!

How about some project samples? i love these folders!

i love to mix the soft vintage look with hard contrast modern looks!

i am constantly amazed at how many photos i can fit into ONE memory file!

speaking of lots of photos… our beach vacation had such a beautiful background! i snapped lots of photos… but here you will see how i put them into a memory folder using a new ‘fotostack V2’ and the mini file folders!!

the more i play with it… the more that i love it!

… come back tomorrow MORE stuff will be revealed!!

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