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cha was awesome!

cha was awesome!

Wow… it’s hard to believe that CHA came and went! I can’t believe how fast it all flew by i kinda love these photos of me getting ready for the show. my son colton stole my phone and started snapping photos of me the night i got the color shine samples, funny!! i look  like a mad scientist with my crazy night hair!

What a fabulous and exciting show! We had so much fuN!  It’s always so much work getting everything ready, booth plans, samples made, catalog completed>>>>and then there’s the SET UP which always takes longer than you think it will! And you always end up talking to industry friends, which distracts you from your tasks, but it’s sometimes the only time you can visit!

This year I had the opportunity to present in the ‘innovation’ event, so it was cool to see what was HOT out there, and again visit with familiar faces, as well as make new connections!  The 3 days of the show itself was a total whirlwind!

We kicked things off with this really COOL ‘All Access Pass’.  It was sent out to our top retailers before the show….and then we had reserved some to give away to the first 70 people that came out our booth!  This ‘All Access Pass’ was SO cool… first off, it came with a detachable “calling card” that had QR codes and website/phone number type information for retailers/media/designers to hold onto and always have quick access to our most current catalogs and order forms. It was sized just right to tuck into your wallet and keep handy.  On the back of the pass, we had the make-n-take and demo schedule as well as, get this: A GIVEAWAY SCHEDULE!  How awesome is that? So 4 times during the first couple days of the show, we were giving away really amazing prizes!  The first prize was  very coveted…it was your choice of pink or turquoise blingy lanyards. And they were SUPER cute holding your ‘All Access Pass’.

Next giveaway was SO cool… it was a “Make Pretty Stuff” (removable) wall sticker. It turned out SO cute, I love it so much! And I totally forgot to bring one home to put in my studio!  Seriously, how could I forget that?  We stuck one on the booth, and it just made me happy to look at the whole show!

The THIRD giveaway was amazing as well… this time we created a ‘banner kit’ with 9 12” long banners cut from COLOR MAGIC papers. INCLUDED in the kit was brand new bottle of COLOR SHINE!  How fun is that!  Again, somehow I made it home without a kit for myself! These are perfect for store owners to display exactly what the Color Magic looks like once it’s all colorific!  This is the one that I made to hang in the booth… I colored it with 3 different colors and tied them up in sets of 3 or 4 banners overlapping… so many ways to play with this idea!

And to top off the giveaways, last, but CERTAINLY not least, ‘All Access’ badge holders were given ALL 18 of our new papers: my “Vintage Chic” line, and the “Portfolio” and “City Sidewalks” lines by Pink Paislee. Yes… ALL the 12×12 papers! Amazing! Everyone was so excited!

I shared a booth with Pink Paislee this show, which is such an honor. i LOVE working with them! I feel like the luckiest girl! Barry and Rebecca are the most down-to-earth, hard working, wonderful and genuine people that you will ever meet! They take such great care of me!  I will admit to you that usually, I get anxious and nervous before a show. I worry about all kinds of things- and freak out a little (or a lot!), but this show was different: I felt totally at peace! I wasn’t worried, or stressed or anxious… i felt rested, and slept well and had an absolute blast while I was there!  And for that, I am SO thankful! Maybe it can be attributed to the beautiful softness of the Vintage Chic collection!?

One of the really fun things that we did this show, was hung up a LIFE SIZED ‘instaframe’. You can see that we even added a label and ‘liked’ it!  it was hanging from the booth wall so that anyone could slip behind it for a photo op! everyone had so much fun being just a little silly. You just couldn’t resist!

of course also did lots of make n takes!

This was one of them …

There were TWO big highlights for me at the show… the First was the COLOR SHINE!  It was SO much fun to demo, and get people SPRAYING it! for one, it’s fun to listen to! there’s a cute little ball inside to mix the iridescence, and as Mr Bazzill said (I love this quote), “It sounds like you are really getting ready to do something serious”!  He is right!
It was fun to hear everyone’s reaction to the gorgeous COLOR that really pops, blends and SHINES! The Color Magic paper and Color Shine Sprays are really a DYNAMIC DUO! And it was a delight to show them off!

The Second highlight for me is just TALKING about MEMORY FILES!  This show, I have continued to develop the concept by adding a few cool components like the Fotosleeve Mini and the new Fotostack V2, as well as the NEW Chipboard folders and mini memory files.   Just talking about it all makes me so happy! it’s just totally changed my perspective on memory keeping and crafting! Which is just so refreshing!

Now that the show is over, the real work begins!  I am working on selecting the members of my MEDIA TEAM! I got SO MANY amazing entries! I am beyond thrilled! and I am announcing an upcoming WEBSHOW based class SOON! So, stay tuned!

As for today… you have to head over to the Signature Series facebook page and ENTER to WIN  a SILHOUETTE CAMEO!! As well as a chance to win classes from Jessica Sprague.com, all in celebration of my Signature Series book from Northridge!

Happy Pioneer DAY!

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