Heidi Swapp | CHA… oh my…!
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CHA… oh my…!

i think i have everything together.
this week has been so crazy… and what i have planned for the booth is nuts.
i hope that it comes off ok. there are some unknowns, and some time constraints… so i am nervous.
i have been looking at photos and scrapbook pages of last year CHA winter in Atlanta…it was my first show as my own brand… and i remember being sick with nerves and worried… and holy cow, i can’t believe that was a year ago. feels like 10 years. so much has happened in this one year. i have learned so much and grown so much… i have probably AGED 10 years as well!
yet here i sit… again.. in a bit of a panic. hoping that everything will go smoothly, and that we’ll have a good show. hoping the kids will be ok… knowing that i have forgotten something.
laundry is done, linens changed, fridge cleaned out (gross) i need to run to the store. i need to pack some clothes. nothing fits. and if you can imagine i got my hair cut.
NEVER cut your hair: a. before a show b. when you are pregnant.
nonetheless. the catalog looks awesome… we are not releasing very many new items… but the few new items are very fun! i will post them on the blog after i get them photographed in the booth! so check back…. i will show you photos of the booth — maybe sunday night. depending how functioning i am!!
deep breath…
here we go again!