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CHA-live from Anaheim!

CHA-live from Anaheim!

What a day! man, I am exhausted after the first day at the show… chillin in the hotel room. Thought that I’d share some shots from the booth!
It was a really fun day today! It’s fun to see everyone… retailers, manufactures… scrapbookers.. just all the people that I see at the show! I got to eat lunch with a bunch of fabulous friends, and I got to demonstrate my new product! And that was really fun… it’s FUN to demonstrate!
So I have a new product that I am launching called ‘invisibles’… and while people have probably seen it in the catalog that was pre-show-released, it is hard to get an idea of what it is without seeing it in action!
So I will explain!
The idea for invisibles is that you can make it any color you wish-by adding ink or-any color type-medium… glaze, paint, ink, sprays, glitter mist, whatever!
Basically, it’s white paper and chipboard that has been printed with a shiny, clear ink that creates a ‘resist’ on the surface… so when you apply any color to it, the image that has been printed on the paper, ‘magically’ appears.
The invisibles come in:
4 different designs of 12×12 paper
2 sets of chipboard pieces: ‘ornate frames’ and ‘shapes’ like birds, crowns, hearts etc.
2 sets of chipboard sheets that are perfect for book covers and die cutting
2 sets of letter stickers

you can kinda see the images on the papers in this photo. if you look really close at the paper at the top-you can see the circle frame on the paper… now if you look at the layout just to the left of it, you can see that same circle image, but with the green/blue color-i used the distress ink to get that look.


So, here you see my new 'handwriting' stamps, and my 'invisibles' letter stickers (ENJOY)… the crown is one of the die cuts from the paper collection.
IMG_2665 here, you can see that i have used my 'bracket frame' mega mask to mask off the middle of the border invisbles… and i used this for the background of the page that i created.. i already showed this page but this will give an idea of how the background looks.
IMG_2652:this little 'playmates' layout has the letter stickers, and one of the borders with a ''built-in-embellishment'.
So here are some of my new papers… I really love the color combos… the papers have what I call ‘built-in-embellishments”. Some of the papers have flaps that have die cut punch outs that you can place on your pages, and in your mini-books and cards… others have die cuts around some of the little butterflies and wings and stuff like that. cute!

This is the 'fresh and free' collection.
This is the 'Love Notes' collection.
this is the 'Summer Sun' collection……..

for new alphabets, i did this swatch book of self-adhesive letters that are all different fonts, sizes and color variations. they are made of a very thin chipboard…there a SO many letters (391 to be exact).  here they are in action, a little more up close! you will love them:
the 'baby girl' and the 'cherish' are using this swatch book. you can see some of Tim's new stickers here as well. 


here is another product that is tricky to show w/out you being here, and seeing it demoed! but these are my NEW mega masks! they are 12", and in 4 different styles: circles, heart, star and bracket frame.
if you look close here, you can see how i used each in the sample layout. i will be showing you more 'how to' with these… but it's really good stuff!
I had the back of the booth painted w/ chalk board paint-and I just posted some pages and then doodled around the pages… just quick…but I think it looks fun! And I would love to have chalkboard walls at my house!

so as i mentioned, i will work on adding some video!
i am going to try to get some rest.

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