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change of webshow…

change of webshow…

i can’t believe that I haven’t blogged since last week- I was thinking back trying to remember what I have been up to the last few days- and I can’t even remember what I have been so busy doing. I guess it’s just been a blur! We are so busy on the weekdays with running kids here and there that I like to think that the weekend will slow down, but usually, it doesn’t!


I have been working on getting ready for Wednesday night’s webshow!… and I have an important announcement as far as the webshow goes…

Last week, we announced that we were going to have a “pay per view” webshow on Ustream- we announced that the show would require a $2.99 ticket…last week also happened to be a super frustrating show, when we got kicked off the site 3x during our recording, as well as losing a portion of the show- we got a lot of feedback from our friends, and fans of House of 3, and many (many) expressed concerns about the reliability of Ustream… and quite truthfully, we have to agree!

Therefore, we have decided NOT to turn the weekly webshow into a  PPV event…Sorry for the psych out! And hopefully we’ll see you on Wed night!xoxox

**if you already bought a ticket, don't worry, we're working on refunding!

Of course, time-is-a-tickin’ as we count down to Valentines day! So, since there isn’t TONS of time, I will be sharing some quick and fun ideas!


My kid’s elementary is on the “year round” program, and for the first time, today- they went “off track”. They were bored out of their minds today, and it was just the first day!


Anyway- we did the Valentine celebrations last week, so I used the “remarkable” valentine stuff… and created some quick tags for Lollipops….


As well as something special for Quincy’s teacher…

I have been making little candy dispensers, and love notepads…  and I will be sharing a perfect glimmer mist recipie to achieve that 2011 “Honeysuckle” color… just wait!Valentine

 and … 

a big shout out to my newest blog sponsor: Peachy Cheap… you have to check to their site EVERYDAY for a different deal… and everyday, it's like AMAZING buy! check out the 7gypsies stamps on the site today… awesome deal!

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