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Am I the only one that has the absolute crazy, chaotic
mornings? Holy cow… seriously! This morning seemed to take the cake.

  1. it was
    ‘picture day’ which I think is sooo stupid anyway, cause I know that I can
    get a MUCH better photo of my children than the mass photo shoot… but then
    again… they are just that CLASSIC part of elementary that I can’t let go
    of! SO I was curling Quincy’s hair all cute, which I only do on Sundays…
    it’s amazing how much time that takes, and how much whining she does in
    that process!

  2. Cory
    came up in the most ridiculous concoction of clothing- SO didn’t ‘go’…and
    I was trying to tell him to find something else, of which he was assuring
    me that he had nothing… so I had to go down and physically go through his
    drawers and pull out options, to which he is telling me that every single
    article of clothing in his possession is TOO SMALL. Don’t worry, I found
    stuff that he had shoved on his shelves and behind stuff in effort to get
    out of having to put his clothes away.


  1. Capri
    had already changed her clothes 3 times by 8am, and left a trail of the
    rejects down the hall, and I am just going to leave them there, knowing
    that she will probably revisit them as options before lunch.


  1. Connor
    must be born and bread for the beach, because he HAS to wear his bathing
    suit everyday. If we have to go outside, I can convince him to wear his
    pants and long sleeve shirt over his swimsuit… but the minute he comes
    inside, he has to strip down to just his suit. Well…this morning was a
    crisis cause I decided to wash them last night and this morning I threw
    that load in the dryer. He whined until it was done, and SO happy to pull
    it out personally, and leave all the other clean clothes on the floor. –
    he likes to curl up on the warm clothes. –I’m trying to just think it’s

Connor clothes

course then, at the last minute… quincy can’t find socks, Colton’s shoe
has a hole and Cory needs something signed…WHILE the carpool is honking.


Whew… when that commotion is over, I am just left w/ a
2-year old to potty train, a HUGE to-do list, mounds of laundry and a HIGH PRIORITY grocery list. I am going to have to get out my ‘super suit’… I have a
list, I have actually been pretty productive so far despite the little
eruptions!  Tonight is Eric’s first
mid-term and I can just REMEMBER that sick feeling… I’d rather do laundry and
grocery shop for sure!

If I can get my JUNK out of the way this morning, I can work
on my Halloween Decorations and HOPEFULLY (crossing fingers) head to ‘dear
lizzy’ tonight for a SPARK soiree… (see this). That would just be TOO fun! 

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