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So, I have been playing with my new photo shop skills! And I have to tell you, I feel like I am cheating! you can make the photos SO much better than you can really capture them! Smile…so I got the kids to come outside and let me photograph them, and I really should post the photos I DIDN’T use… Colton and Cory were just totally cracking themselves up, making me so mad of course.. i was practically threatening them to smile, and be good. Colton was doing poses from uncle rico in napoleon dynamite… and Cory was doing silly faces, and funky things with his eyebrows. Then there’s Quincy. She is such a poser… that she will do whatever I tell her, and how… she just doesn’t want to comb her hair! And Capri…it’s a miracle when I can get her to make eye contact w/ the camera. Not Connor, he is more than happy to flash a smile. 100 of them, in a roW! I came in and fed the babies lunch and put them down for naps, and I had a straight 2 ½ hours to work. I messed with the photos. it’s so easy to do, but the possibilities are so endless, that it’s overwhelming. I didn’t get them all the same, because I was experimenting… by the time I had played with all 5 photos, I kinda figured out what I liked. i had in my mind that I wanted to make this wall hanging piece. We are moving into a different house, and the landlord was repainting anyway…so I picked wall colors for a few of the rooms, and chose a nice blue for our bedroom; I am hoping this will go with the color I chose. I was playing around with the tiny scraps that I have left of the new paper that I am releasing next week at CHA. If you go to Janet’s blog, she has more of this ‘dream dining room’ collection. I named it that because that is what I kept imagining when I was designing it… i could see the whole dining room in my mind! I have messed with the colors a bit, using ranger distress inks.  I was about ½ done when the babies woke up, and we went to the pool. It was a fantastically sunny, beautiful day today! we so appreciate that! I REALLY took pool-time for granted in Az. I miss it a LOT. So that was fun today! after the babies went to bed tonoight, I finished this up, and didn’t get much more done. I think I must need some sleep.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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