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Cherishing the Years with Storyline

Cherishing the Years with Storyline

It is surely no secret to anyone that time is flying by faster than ever before.  Combine that with raising children and time is nothing but lightening speed.

There is a common phrase I recite to myself daily.  Maybe you have heard it?  “The days are long, but the years are short”.  I do not think there have been truer words spoken.  I constantly find myself in this tug of war to want to stop and speed up time all at once, for various reasons.  However at the end of the day I am just so beyond grateful for all of it.  And for all that I have been able to capture along the way.

As a mom with a 5 year old boy and now 2 1/2 year old girl I am always trying to photograph and record everything that I possibly can because I am just trying to savour every precious second with these little beings that are just growing up way too fast.  So many funny, cute, frustrating, silly, crazy…(I mean the list goes on and on of what happens in a day when your a stay at home mom) that I just want to bottle up everything I can.  I think that is why my love for scrapbooking and journaling runs so deep.  I am just so appreciative and in awe of these moments that make up my everyday ordinary crazy little life.

It is funny when I look back on these photographs I used for this Storyline page…that feels like FOREVER ago.   Almost to the point that I cannot even remember it.  Isn’t that just crazy?  This was really not that long ago.  Brynn was a year here and now she is two and a half.  I am just so thankful that I have this moment and memory for her scrapbook.  Looking back on these photos and reading the simple captioning instantly transports me back in time.  To that day, to where we were and what we were doing.  Honestly if it was not for this scrapbook page, it would just be a lost memory for me.  Thanks to this Storyline layout it will NEVER be.

I truly encourage you to try creating your own Storyline pages.  Grab a few photos, a pen, and maybe a few extra stickers or embellishments if you want.  Look at your photos.  Note a few details.  Nothing complicated or extra time consuming allowed.  Just a few moments to cement that moment forever onto a page.  Below you will find my sketch if you want to follow along to make the process even more simpler.


I scrapbook and journal as my way to transport back in time.  To honour the blessings that fill my life.  It is such a beautiful practice and I hope you are inspired and this post has encouraged you to try it out for yourself.  I know you will be so happy  you did.

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