Heidi Swapp | choices
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today is like the first day i have been home in over 2 weeks.
there are 2 kinds of good days. they are distinct and different.
one is a result of a productive day at work.
the other is a result of a quality day at home.
they do not happen on the same day-despite the fact they both happen in my house.

today i realized that in order to truly recover; to get back on track… i needed to have a HOME day.
i did all the possible laundry in the house. AND it’s all put away. (um, that is huge for me! ) the house is clean. all of it. all except my scrapbook room. it’s a disaster. i planned some meals, did some grocery shopping.. did homework, practiced spelling words, oversaw chores, baseball… the works.

what i did not do…? didn’t create the ads that were due yesterday. didn’t finish the web-newsletter. didn’t work on the 3 classes that are coming up. didn’t respond to a pile of emails… didn’t listen to my cell phone voice mail. didn’t clean my messy studio. didn’t look at my to-do list.

but, it was a good day. i feel better. i feel caught up. i am tired. and a bit overwhelmed… but i would much rather be stressed out and overwhelmed in a clean, full of food, and no dirty-clothes house.

i guess it all comes down to choices.
hopefully tomorrow will be just as good… just in other departments!