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christmas shopping? or at least thinking…

christmas shopping? or at least thinking…

Earlier today I had the pleasure of going with a group of girls to a big market to start the dreaded ‘christmas shopping’. Now, mind you… I am not traditionally a ‘get it done early’  type of girl! But wouldn’t that be nice? And I do have to consider that NO TARGET factor in my life. (as soon as I am back in the states, I will complain about the NO MARKET factor…so take your pick, heidi).  Anyway, I went to just try to get bit by the holiday bug, and it did what it usually does…sends me into a panic and causes me to retreat into the safety of denial! –and actually, we are heading to Australia for Christmas this year. Brisbane to be exact! And the kids have been informed that they will have more sand, surf and sun than they can fit in ANY stocking and remember it forever! (sooo excited). so the presents will be in short supply…..which takes the pressure off as well! anyway… after I got the kids to bed, I was catching up on emails, and writing my to-dos and doing some journaling in my ‘her life’ book, and I thought about how much I love this journal. And how much I LOVE all my compendium products… so I dunno, I just thought that I would take a minute and give you some ideas for presents that you can shop for right here, and now, and have them shipped and you can just get so AHEAD of the game!  So here are a few of my favorites.. whether you are thinking of people to give to, or maybe you are one that buys for yourself!!? (not a bad idea)… or like me and eric, we email links.  And for my AUSTRALIA friends… looks like there is a place just for you to order!! How much do you love that!?!?
You have heard me talk about ‘she’. This is it. This makes a beautiful inspiring gift for any occasion, and applies to every woman, no matter her stage of life.

This is the journal that I am using right now. There is a quote on every page… and sometimes I just flip through 5-6 pages in the morning to get inspired and excited about facing my day. I LOVE it! it’s beautiful and so inspiring. and this one is new, and look how gorgeous it is…it’s especially for those battling cancer.. but we can ALL use a little more hope.

new last year, but has totally helped me get a clearer strategy for my goal making… it’s called ‘5’ and i think it’s SUCH a motivator!

this is NEW… i haven’t seen it in real life, but it’s totally on my own WISH LIST:
"happily grateful!"… gorgeous.

the ‘dad’ one is good for at least 2 possible people on your list… husband and father. it’s really cool, but add your own photos in.. and it’s a work of art! Comp002665biga

and if you are ordering… check out the little ‘pop open’ cards.. and notebooks, and picture frames.. and well… just take a good hard look through there. it’s SO inspiring. there is just no way to capture the beauty of each book in a thumbnail. i guess you just have to trust me. if you would like more recommendations… just email me! smile…

also on my shelf…
live good
ever wonder
heres to you
love life

these are cherished books to me. every one of them. and i love sharing them with others… like you! (and they are NOT paying me to tell you!) they are really amazing people, doing their part to make the world a better place.. i love that.

it’s a great site to stop by, cause there is always a fabulous, inspiring quote there.. here is todays (and i LOVE IT,hilarious!):

can’t make footprints in the sands of time if you’re sitting on your
butt. And who wants to make buttprints in the sands of time?"

– Bob Moawad


happy shopping..

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