Heidi Swapp | clean sweep
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clean sweep

hey folks…
emily and jodi and i are cleaning out my scrapbook room and my scrapbook closet!
it has been a complete disaster… i am NOT a clean-bean… by any stretch of the imagination… and so i have stuff that has been hanging around… extra kits, old UGLY layouts… random negative strips… that kind of thing… anyway… there is all the remnants of extra product that i really don’t have a place for, or i have a bunch of or whatever… so it’s compiled into a bit of a STACK… so we decided that it might be fun to GIVEAWAY!!
i mean, it’s not enough to fill the trunk of your car… but it’s a bunch of stuff that i would like to free myself of!!!!!!!
what do you thinK?
soooooo…. i am thinking of a number…. between 1 and 1000…..
the first person to pick the right number… (and don’t worry… i am writing it on a piece of paper, and jodi and emily are my witnesses…) we will be picking the closest number without going over… at noon tomorrow (noon MY TIME on thursday the 12th…) and this package will go out to you when my UPS guy shows up at 3 tomorrow afternoon!
good luck!