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clever clever clever

clever clever clever

Working on a 14 hour time difference is challenging. I have been doing it for a long time, and quite frankly, it makes my Monday even MORE fabulous, b/c everyone else has Sunday off… and so it’s like a huge head start for me on the week! I love that! however, it means that we have meetings at weird times, and our cross over times usually involve getting the kids out the door to school, or down for bed. More so, it just means that I don’t get as much time w/ my fabulous partners, when we are all awake and working as I’d like! But- I do love waking up in the morning and checking their blogs!
And I just have to link you to their awesomeness…
Rhonna put a tutorial for the new fab House of 3 Frame kit on her blog, and I love it so much!  And Janet posted the cutest shadow box project- that is so simple, you still have time to come up with something gorgeous for someone you LOVE LOVE LOVE!
She also posted a couple CUTIE hybrid projects from some of our customers…
We’d love to see what you are doing w/ House of 3 stuff!

if you need some last minute inspiration… this is a great place to look!

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