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closer look

closer look

ok, we showed tons of stuff last night.. it was a FULL show, and so much fun! so thanks to all of you that was there to hang out and chat it up! … to take a closer look at one of the cards that Janet made with some of the House goods, head over to her blog…

she shared another card that was super fabulous… and she has instructions available here... this kit is the instructions only, you still have to buy the art.  As you may know, Janet's husband underwent open heart surgery about a month ago, and today was re-admitted to the hospital with Phneumonia – please remember Rick and Janet… and their sweet family all in your prayers.

as promised… i thought i'd show a little tutorial on HOW TO create the mini book i showed last night- it's super simple to make …so here are some steps, and photos… you can also watch the webshow HERE if you need to see it in action.


I made this little book for the House of 3 Valentine’s Day webshow… and I kinda totally LOVE it! I think that it is so much fun, and fresh…

I made the book cover from just your basic corrugated carboard- I was looking for some chipboard, but I guess in my amazing organization, I must have mis-filed it! ?? the cardboard works! (my next choice was a cereal box)  the inside pages are made from the heart pages in the “love crush” kit on the House of 3 site…

Here are a few photos, and I’ll walk you thorough how to make your own! this is where all these heart shape pages come in:



Start with the inside pages:


  1. print and cut all the heart pages for the inside. I used one of all the 9 designs in the kit. I love all the different looks…
  2. score right down the middle, and fold the hearts in ½
  3. glue the hearts so that all the creases line up- you are gluing the hearts back to back.

Let’s make the cover:


  1. Cut 2 pieces of 5×7 cardboard (or book board/chipboard)
  2. Cover both sides of the cardboard- I used the same paper on the inside (both front and back)
  3. cut a 3”x7” piece for the inside hinge. Score a 1/4” “spine” right in the middle-
  4. cut a 4”x7” piece for the outside spine. Measure exactly what size you need to score for your spine, depending on the thickness of your cardboard (or bookboard) …mine was ½”
  5. Start w/ the inside of the book, glue the inside spine to “hinge” the front and back together. Line the cardboard up with the scorelines (so there will be ¼” between the 2 cardboard pieces


Put the heart pages in…


  1. line the hearts up in between the score lines, and glue the first (left side) heart right down to the inside of the front cover.
  2. Then adhere the back ½ heart to the back cover.



Finish with the outside spine:


  1. the size of this piece can vary, depending on how much you want to show- for example, it could totally wrap from the front to the back, or just be a narrow spine.  SO decide how wide you want that spine piece to be, and cut it
  2. you will need to measure how large of a spine you need, and score it to that size. Mine was about 1/2”
  3. simply glue the spine on the front and back of the book, but no glue in between the score line

here is a look at the back of my book:


i made an extra to give away to grandma… and i am thinking i might need to make one more- i really love it… it's hard to photograph, and i was trying to be so fast!


i created a little video that steps this all out.. i am trying to get it to upload now… i will post if i can get it up… my internet is SUPER slow in this new neighborhood. (annoying!) and working on a candy dispenser tutorial for tomorrow…



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