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color at the fair

color at the fair

I find it fascinating to see HOW different artists WORK… everyone works their magic in just a little different way!  There is so much to learn as we watch the way someone REALLY creates. Kim Jeffress has such a beautiful, classy style that continually inspires me!  She amazes me every time! Since we all can’t congregate in Brisbane to take a class from Kim…(although, wouldn’t that be fun! It’s one of my favorite towns in the world!) Kim has created a video that takes you through creating this very project… you will see her spray different elements in different ways with Color Shine- I love how she offers several solutions for using Color Shine- I do love this story she tells on this scrapbook page! Take a look:

Don’t you just love fairs….so vibrant and fun and colorful. Recently we took our sons to their first fair and they absolutely loved it, the shreeks of laughter, the smell of the food, even the dust on the ground…I want to savior it all!
When  I looked at my photos when we got home  and saw how full of life and color they were I knew immediately I had to use some Color shine to bring them to life even further. I love how the iridescense and shimmer plays with the light on anything it is sprayed on…from Color Magic paper made specifically for Color shine mist to raw chipboard, ringlet reinforcements and seam binding, it looks glorious .
Join me as I show you in my video how I made my project from start to finish with a few tricks of the trade when using Color Shine.

For this project I based most of my colors around the mustard colorshine, if you know me,  yellow is my go to color for most projects so the mustard was a natural choice for me. I have mixed that with the chevron Color Magic paper and some touches of the teal and tinsel Color shine as well. I must say tinsel is running a very close second to the mustard, it’ s such a versatile neutral color with the added spark of Color Shine.
I then combined these with a Vintage Chic  Mini Memory File which allows me to hold lots of photos from our visit. I attached the memory file to the Color Magic paper  and decorated the front of the file with a chipboard ferris wheel that I misted in tinsel Color shine. I added some misted resist chipboard alphas , misted seam binding which  I tied in a bow to keep the Mini Memory File together. I also  layered a Black and White Buzz Word over my photo and snuck in a Sugar Chic Stix and Vintage Chic note to complete the front of my Mini Memory File. I love how that bow combined with the brightness of the Colour Magic paper makes the layout feel alive.
 When you open the Mini Memory File you will see my journalling . For me it’ s a must to have my thoughts written down…so in years to come I can remember exactly what the story was about. I printed out my journalling onto a piece of Sugar Chic Sparkle pattern paper and attached that to one side of the Mini Memory File. You will notice a couple of banners under the journalling, I printed off some of the words from the digital adjectives set (from Heidi’s Digital store)  onto the Sugar Chic Sparkle pattern paper and used these as handcut banners, I have also scattered these amongst the photos in my fotostack. These just add another simple element to my project.
I wanted to use a fotostack inside the Mini Memory File but I found it was too long, so my solution was to take off the first outer layer of the fotostack V2, now it fit perfectly. I then went ahead and added photos, pattern papers and embellishments to each page. I didn’ t want the fotostack to look too busy so I kept my embellishments to a minimum , just adding enough interest while keeping the photos as the main element to each page. You will notice the Defintion stickers, Vintage Chic Buzz words, and  rub ons from the Colorful Instaframes set all add interest without the bulk, I like that!
 Have I inspired you yet with yellow?
Have i inspired you yet with Colorshine?
Have Inspired you yet with mustard Colorshine?
Gosh I hope so!!

KIM… Thank you for sharing this candid look at your creative process! I just loved it! I can’t wait to take a class from you IRL!


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