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color connections…

color connections…

i have a confession: I always feel so relieved the morning after the webshow!


Last night was full of excitement and energy and we announced and set out to EXPLAIN “Color Connections”… it’s really a pretty simple concept really- it’s about connecting companies through color! It’s starting off with House of 3 by Pink Paislee  and Prima Marketing.

ColorConnections_AD with Trademark

Both House of 3 and Prima chose “favorites” collections of Gimmer mist colors that will be packaged and offered in sets. From House of 3, we also chose colors to match our Collections that we have designed and licensed through Pink Paislee… SO, there is a “house of 3 – Parisian Anthology” which is 4 colors of Glimmer Mist that totally look fabulous with that line- it was our gorgeous summer release. Then, we have 2 NEW collections that we are releasing this show with Pink Paislee and we got to create 2 color kits… but this time we got to choose a glam and a glaze to go with the glimmer mist! These new kits are called “PAINT SYSTEM” and that is just what it is- colors and mediums that work great together and can all be used together! It’s a pretty sweet deal! This time, I even got to help MIX the House of 3 colors!

Check out these VIBRANT colors:

Soiree are the Soiree colors…there are 4 paints in the kit: Party Pink Glimmer mist, Marigold Glimmer mist, Waterfall Glaze and Chadelier Glam

Dailyjunque these are the daily junque colors… love these!: Dark Denim and Aquamarine Glimmer Mist and Organic Garden glam and Pewter glaze… these are super fun versitle colors too!… i have already run out of my aquamarine.. big surprise!

ok, working on a few more sneaks… will continue to share… stay tuned!! meanwhile, see what Rhonna re-capped HERE



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