Heidi Swapp | Color Fresh Dip Pen, Doodles, and Ideas
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Heidi Swapp Dip Pen and Color Fresh

Color Fresh Dip Pen, Doodles, and Ideas

One of those sweet little additions to the Color Fresh Paper Line is the Dip Pen Kit that is part of that collection. This kit is a little secret weapon for adding custom handlettering to cards, scrapbook pages, and art journals. Today we will unpack a few more ideas for this adorable little kit.


Heidi Swapp Dip Pen and Color Fresh


The Heidi Swapp Color Fresh Dip Pen Kit includes two bottles of ink. One is black. And one is pink. Yep! BOTH come as part of the kit. But that’s not all. There is also a beautiful, white, glass pen that is part of this set. It’s just so pretty to photograph. More than that though, it’s pretty on a page.

Here’s a little tip: for this post I used mixed media paper. This paper pad here is very white. Has a bit of texture. And it’s a wonderful surface for Ink Dip Pen doodles. While traditionally we think of Dip Pens for writing letters and using on stationery…today’s post is going to go beyond that just a little.


Heidi Swapp Dip Pen and Color Fresh


One way I used the Dip Pen for this post today was to letter in that faux calligraphy kind of way. If you follow Heidi and her handwriting odyssey, she has taught this before. You can search this technique on Pinterest for many more lettering ideas. Basically the idea is to write the letters, and then on the down slope, to draw a line and add a thicker down stroke, just as you can see on the ‘h’ above.


Heidi Swapp Dip Pen and Color Fresh


After I handlettered the ‘hi’, I then die cut that mixed media paper into a circle. To be used in a moment…please hold.

Another way to use the Dip Pen is to create doodles. Again, Pinterest. I used the black ink and crafted a little vine on the mixed media paper. Allow these doodles to dry really well. Don’t ask me how I know that. When dried, I die cut that to a tag shape.

A third idea for using the Dip Pen is to create iconic shapes. I placed a large heart stencil on a 3×4-inch piece of the mixed media paper. Using the Pink Ink, I basically just ‘scribbled’. Let’s call this one “artistic scribbling’. I re-created the shape of the heart using the template as a guide. You could do this with many shapes.

Now, let’s see how these ‘doodles’ and ‘artistic scribblings’ can add creative embellishments to cards and tags:


Heidi Swapp Dip Pen and Color Fresh


The vine tag was dressed up with Color Fresh Washi Tape as well as a clear piece from the Ephemera. See how simple yet fun that tag turned out? The possibilities are limitless with this idea, people. I’m tellin’ ya.


Heidi Swapp Dip Pen and Color Fresh


For this card, I trimmed out the ‘artistic scribbles’ to the heart shape. Then I layered a Color Fresh Clear Sticker over the heart, and then layered that over a piece of vellum. A strip of pattern paper created a v-notched tag. This was tied up with baker’s twine and then layered to a card base from the Color Fresh Boxed Cards. This makes for not only a beautifully hand made card, but one with your own artistic rendering, too.


Heidi Swapp Dip Pen and Color Fresh


Lastly, the faux calligraphy ‘hi’. Remember I circle die-cut the shape. A great way to create more customized embellishments. Layered with more Color Fresh stickers and pattern paper this is an easy way to add hand lettering to your correspondence. The Dip Pen is really easy to use and to make all these pretty things.

If you have not tried the Dip Pen, you need to. It’s beautiful. Easy to use. And allows beautiful ‘artistic’ scribbles to become party of your creative genius.


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