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color shine & cha projects!

color shine & cha projects!

Tomorrow I am off to Chicago for the CHA show! I think that I am ready! I am so excited… it’s always so much work to get ready, but I think that I’m there! I fixed me up some aprons to wear in the booth while I am doing demos! I have another Yudu project that I hope to pull off tomorrow as well!

I think that I have almost showed off all my new SUMMER goodies!? Between here, facebook and instagram…I have had so much fun sharing!  Every night this week I have stayed up WAY too late creating samples and just playing with all my new products. I have gone through 2 Bazzill marathon runner refills…that is when you know you have been BUSY!

color shine!

One of the MOST exciting parts of this summer line is my brand new Color Shine spritz. You know how much I love mist! And this stuff is just amazing. It comes in 12 colors… the colors are very intense – that is what I love most! And, yes, they have an iridescent sheen to them that is just spectacular! They come in a 2 oz bottle, and there is one of those shakey-ball things inside the bottle to help the mixing (like they have in spray paint).  Ok… so I have to share the colors with you… they so totally ROCK! They work awesome with my color magic stuff, as well as anything else that you happen to spray them on!

i also want to show you a couple of things on real projects now that I have them worked up a bit. I just barely got the ‘mini fotosleeve book” in real life, and I am SO excited about it!

mini fotosleeve books

the idea: I have been literally sewing cut up and compartmentalized sheet protectors into my memory files for months ….. but i realize that some people don’t like to sew …..  sooooo I thought that it would be easier to just skip the cutting and sewing part, and all you have to do is adhere it inside your folder!

the mini fotosleeve fits in the small folders, and then you can put the small folders in the big folders! Or you can just put it in a big folder, or you can put it in a mini book or on a page… or cut it up… it’s just SOOO awesome! Ok, you can fit 12+photos in this thing! How awesome is that?

Here are some photos of this cute project that I made- it’s a mini-book that is like the cutest little thing! You can add something like this inside a larger file, or it can just it out and be enjoyed!  I used muslin scallop ribbons and banner delights on the cover, and added some of my new mini tags, paper ribbons, definitions, sentiments and alphas! So awesome.  These are just so perfect for quick little gifts!

chipboard folder mini book

Alright, I also finally got a chance to play with my ‘chipboard folders’. Now the whole idea for these is to create a more sturdy file project—maybe you want to add more pages, and really turn it into an album.  Each package of Chipboard file folders has 2 large (regular size) and 2 mini folders.

In this project, I cut the folder down the middle and covered each side with my new Vintage Chic papers- I added pages and sheet protectors, etc. in side the 2 covers, and bound it with my Bind-it-all. I LOVE this! And quite honestly, not sure what photos I am going to put in it! might just leave it with no photos… It’s so pretty!

table top album project

I created a table top album project with the smaller version of the chipboard files. This one is fun cause it’s designed to sit on a desk or table, but still has interactive elements that makes it fun to look through. Here again, I covered the front and back of the chipboard, and then made a little photostack thing on the left….on the rightside, I misted the ribbon (mint green) and after I layered up the flower, I hit it with the heat tool, and it looks all distressed and just how I like it!

Ok, that’s all for now! if you want to see more images or get more specific size info about any of the new cha products i’ve talked about this week, feel free to checkout my online catalog!

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