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congrats to:

congrats to:


(how cute is that little label w/ a dangly- it's right HERE)

I have been so inspired by you lately, not just your artistic creations, but your enthusiasm in general! I bought the book 5 per your recommendation and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I am very new to the digital scrapbooking world, but have purchased several of the house of 3 kits and am having a ball playing around with them. Last night, during your webshow (which I didn't get to watch at that time) my daughter and I were making one of the banners. Thanks! oh and I am doing the Project Life kit, so our banner was the picture of the day….feel free to follow my name link to my blog and see my daughter holding her example up!

Posted by: Tamara | February 04, 2010 at 04:57 AM

Tamara… you are the proud owner of a new RING from LIZ EATON designs! i need you to email me HERE and i will get you in touch with LIZ!!

You are such an inspiration, thank you so much for all your help!!


Posted by: Carm Hernandez | February 04, 2010 at 12:31 PM

Carm…you are the proud owner of a new camera strap by Shey B!!

SORRY to everyone that didn't win… i guess you'll just have to go and ORDER one of EACH!!

you can grab a 'thin heart ring' from Liz HERE and a Camera Strap from SHeyB HERE (so comfy!!)

OK…so my last 2 days have not gone along how i imagined (do you ever have that happen!)… LOL. sO… i am a bit behind. i was hoping to have the new Simply Amazing addition AND the Sweetie Book Tutorial UP…but alas, my life is not cooperating! we'll get there…

i did want to give a quick shout out to my friend Kim Rose. Last month i did a couple pages using the January kit from Express the Moment… in addition to her kit club, she also has an online store…they are clearing out the old to make room for new CHA stuff, so there are some great deals to be had!  she still has a few more of the January kit, and is getting ready to launch her FEB. kit.  She is located in Idaho Falls, and is putting together a one day inspiration event. she has been doing them for years, and does a great job! you can get more info HERE! 

and if you are creating fun VALENTINE BANNERS... these would make a great addition!! (on Benzilla'sScrapping Shop- Estsy)

ok… heading up to finish my Sweetie Book Tutorial!! watch for it later tonight! … everyone is going in a different direction tonight, but i am staying HERE…hoping for some creative time! i was reading about Rhonna's 100 Creative Exercises class that she has been telling me about for YEARS…thinking that i could really use something like this!

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