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cory is 12!

cory is 12!

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Tonight’s was Cory’s ‘friend’ birthday party at ‘Airborne’ Trampoline Arena in Draper, and the kids had a BLAST! All my kids just kept thanking me and telling me how much fun they had! I loved hearing that… the really cool thing about this place is that it was really fun for all the ages- Capri and Connor had just as much fun as the wild and crazy 11/12/13 year olds that were just all over the place- you  know, it’s a lot of work to jump for 2 hours! So when we all go home, they were so exhausted… and I loved that too..I also loved that this was a pretty worry-free, work-free party… all we had to do was show up! They provided a room, pizza and all I could do was bring the cake.


My kids do love ‘Cake Boss’, so when we first started talking about the cake, the ideas were a little extravagant! …cory and I both share this weakness for Zingers- Zingers are these little ‘snack cakes’ made by Hostess- they are crème filled and frosted. – Cory and I decided that it would be fun to make a cake entirely of Zingers… sooo, I wasn’t’ really sure how it was going to work…but in the end- turned out cute!  So I stacked up 32 zingers into 7 layers, and then embellished with some frosting- I created some flags and decorated the cake using the sticks from the Soiree line. And most importantly- Cory loved it!!



I had purchased some balloons for the party, and right before we left, connor got a hold of some scissors and cut through the ribbons that were holding the balloons, quite close to the balloon. So while I was frantically looking for my extra camera battery, I had the kids trying to tie new ribbons on the balloons.  Colton was trying to help out, as we were running a little late, and he started loading the stuff we needed into the car- including the cake- he loaded it in the back of the car- I didn’t really think about it until I had taken a couple of turns out of the neighborhood, and wondered where thet cake was- and sure enough- it had fallen over in the way back- bummed!! (it was a good thing I took photos before!) so between the balloons, the missing camera battery and the crushed cake, I was a little frazzled getting to the party-





But the moment we walked in, I realized that none of that could dampen the spirits! Hi energy, and lots of sweaty fun! Happy Birthday Cory!

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