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crazy busy

crazy busy

it's 3am and Connor and i are watching Ni Hao, Kai-lan… i am trying to crank through some to-dos, and i think that Connor was just not wanting me to be lonely! he is so funny. he is growing up so fast… and i just sometimes have to soak him in. both he and capri are SO funny! we all just laugh at them all day long. it's such a delight to have them around! just can't imagine life without them… as he was laying here on the couch with me, i was telling him to 'close his eyes' so he could just fall asleep here on the couch- his response was: "but then i can't see!"…. LOL. dang, he's cute.
tonight i have been playing with some of the fun new kits Rhonna has created… and preparing for all kinds of upcoming FUN. my mind is spinning with possibilities! now i just need to be locked in my studio for 12 hours straight! (fat chance).  but seriously- look at these:

Lots of photos

it's fun to have some new photos to play with… grab your photo and capture a little slice of life!

cause everyday is a cause to celebrate! don't you think? (lol, ok-maybe not EVERYDAY!)

take a peek at what is starting to emerge in the NEW section at www.Houseof3.com…


so, i am just so excited to show you some  FUN creative stuff tomorrow night LIVE! from my little corner of the world… i hope you will join me!! LOVE how EASY this is. keep an eye out for cool doilies- i am seeing them EVERYWHERE!! 

7pm Mountain time… Wed night FEB. 10


still a few more CReATing days til V-day. keep your EYE out HERE for constant inspiration!
did you watch Rhonna's video creating AWESOMELY fluffy fabulous heart box wreath!! (out of coffee filters!).. you have to see it:


and lookie… a FREE Blog Background!!


ok. bed.

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