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crazy. no other word

crazy. no other word

so i have been in a whirlwind… it's so crazy- this whole 'off track' thing creates a real wrench!! Saturday was spent in our last 'semi-final' rugby game… we lost by 2 which was kinda sad… but they played great- like the minute we got home, connor fell and split his lip… headed up to the ER at Primary's becase we needed a plastic surg… so… 6 hours later, we are heading home, and hear that Cory had stepped on a rusty staple, and needed to get a Tetus shot… back to the ER! (eric was the super dad!) sigh… i think i was in full recovery mode for Sunday- can i just say THANK HEAVEN FOR SUNDAYS! what would i do without a day that i can just reserve for the Lord.  Swinging right back into action today- and furioulsy getting ready to drive BACK down to AZ for a full week of SUN and scrapbooking! so excited (ok, maybe not for the drive)… i did get a work out in becuase i am committed to getting work outs in… and then had to get all the shopping, shipping, laundry, cleaning, packing, next year school registraion, quincy's dance photos along with all the costume/ hair/make up etc etc etc… ready to go AND order all the stuff needed for the Puerto Rico Scrapbook event… (coming right up!)  i think that i have everything else pretty ready for the classes i am teaching on Thurs at Scrapbooks etc, and then spending 2 1/2 days taking all the classes for Creative Escape… i am looking so forward to learning from these AMAZING teachers! i have taken classes from 4 and this will be the first time from 4… so how cool is that!? 

anyway- just thought i would check in, say HI … say BYE… and say 'tune in for SNEAK PEEKS from CE… going to be good!


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