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Crazy,crazy day.

Crazy,crazy day.


Well, I thought that last night was our last night in Paris,
but it seems as though we have been granted another day. we had some itinerary
confusion. – as we were leaving for the airport, we are pulling out the
boarding passes etc… and realize that the flight was NOT at 4:45pm.. but rather
11:45am. (this fantastic discovery happened at noon). NOT GOOD.  we were both SO SHOCKED! So then the
phone calls to the airline, frantic efforts to re-book and REALIZATION of the
domino effect on the plans, responsibilities and EVERYTHING that needs to
happen in the few days prior to CHA……..which ALL pale in comparison to the fact
that my kids are missing their mom, and the dad was SO ready for the mom to be
home. I called and listened to their sweet little voices – and I feel SO bad.
Isn’t it funny how ONE DAY seems like so much when you are mentally set on

Could be worse… we are re-booked. Next flight isn’t until 24
hours later. And we get an extra day in Paris and night in a Heavenly Bed. 

After the DRAMA… we mapped out a path to a vintage ribbon
and trims store that we had hoped to check out on the first day we were here,
but had no luck. We were within walking distance so we followed the walking
directions on the iphone. What an amazing place. I mean, just look at the cash
register?! SO VINTAGE!



Lol… and a little p r i c e y. we are talking 20 Euros
for a meter of tulle (it was the very soft, supple tulle.. but still that is
$28/yard basically. YIKES! It was just an amazing store. Ribbon, lace, tulle,
flowers, buttons .. the works!

We spent the rest of the day wandering! The rain quit and
the sun even was peeking through the clouds. We walked and walked and walked.
It was fun to explore. The architecture, the fashion, the language, the restaurants…
SUCH an awesome adventure!  



You know… as I sit here, and look out at the Eiffel Tower-
it’s a little mind blowing how ‘iconic’ it is… it seems to speak to everyone,
at least a little… but then, when you compare it with all the AMAZING buildings
and churches, museums, etc, etc…I guess it’s just the sheer contrast of the
tower that makes it stand out so much. It’s just SO spectacular and inspiring.
Unique is good—that whole ‘be your own kind of beautiful- it’s working for the
Eiffel tower LOL… there, a little bit of philosophizing for ya!

Ok, hopefully… next time I ‘tweet’ it will be boarding the
plane coming home!



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