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create a style file

create a style file

in 2002 I created a sweet little mini that featured Quincy’s cute clothes. It’s funny cause I can still remember the day that I took these photos, and her little attitude when she was all dressed up. What a little doll she was (and still is!). after 2 boys, it was so fun to have a little girl! I’d say that I ‘pinked’ her to death! I absolutely love that I have this memory devoted to her ‘style’!

When I saw today’s Memory File feature created by Steph Devlin, it reminded me of Quincy’s little book, and just made me SMILE!  Steph has 2 darling little girls, who are full of personality and sass! I love what she named this project, “style file”… all about capturing her daughters’ personalities and style!

Steph combined bow ties, sugar chic stix, disco stars, buzz words and she did an amazing job fussy cutting the flowers out of this ‘beautiful’ paper.  These Sugar Chic elements couldn’t be any more perfect for this project!  You know that these girls will LOVE looking through this Memory File! It would be a great one to add to as the years go by!

Here is a little background on this project, from Steph:

The other day Madi asked if I could take the lens out of a old pair of tortoiseshell glasses I owned just so she could wear them out when we went shopping !!!!  It was all about the look !!!!  She coordinates everything, which is hilarious. some mornings she looks so dang cute, and others, well, thick grey socks, mini skirt and footy top* make for a big giggle.  My oldest Emma loves dressing up to, she is entering that age where image is central to her working out her identity.  So we have all the cute labels, etc etc, the outfits, the attitude and the laughs.  My memory file is about their fashion sense as young girls.  I wanted to capture their little personalities at this time of their lives.  What I love about this concept is on can group together all their looks and fashion statements in one place and tell the story using interactive elements.

As fashions, colors, styles and trends change so fast… it’s SUCH a fun thing to capture and document! Without a doubt, it’s hilarious to look back on FASHION! I think everyone needs a ‘style file’! great idea steph! Thanks for sharing your ‘pretty stuff’!

*A “Footy” jumper is a pullover, sweater, windcheater (I’m not sure what you call them)

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