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Happiest Friday friends.

I just have to say it…wow! We are in the final days of June.

How are you all doing?

For myself personally this last week was a strange one in the sheer fact that, dare I say it…. I felt busy?!  Like to the point of almost overwhelmed.  So strange to even feel this way, as for the past few months like many of you I have just been laying low at home as much as I can just trying to make sense of so many things.  With most of ‘life cancelled’, the usual busy that filled up the days is really no longer.  To switch gears this week, truly caught me off guard.

Where I am living in Canada, certain changes are happening and we are in a stage 2 relaunch so with that happening there has been a bit more liberties being granted and opportunities happening.

In between all of that, my family was evacuated from our home in early June due to unprecedented flooding, my youngest celebrated her 3rd birthday and my son is an official kindergarten graduate.  I am still in processing mode!

The thing about processing for me, is that I always turn to either art or photography as a means to making sense of busy times so I chose to use my Storyline Chapters Planner notebook to create a sort of ‘gratitude calendar’, filled with favourite photos and memories of the month that serve to capture a ‘birds eye view’ of what life has been like in these parts.

I absolutely love the Planner Storyline Chapters notebooks.


I love that you have weekly spreads and the calendar notebook to truly capture the days as they are happening.  It is such a perfect system!

All the little notes and quotes really help me to process and preserve all of the moments that made my June so memorable.  It also helps to keep me ‘in the moment’ when things feel like they are just passing you by.  I mean…we ARE in June and just wrapping up the first half of 2020.  It is crazy.

Documenting life this way is one of my favourite methods hands down.

It is totally a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with whatever your heart wants to and needs to get down on paper.

Make it pretty, make it practical, make it memorable.

Supplies: Storyline Chapters 

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