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creating with colorshine: an art journal

creating with colorshine: an art journal

Welcome to COLOR SHINE week!

 A hugely important and FUN part of ART is just PLAY!  Sometimes I think this is where ‘scrapbookers’ fall a little short, because when  we do carve out the time to create, it’s often with the end project in mind!  We want to complete our layouts or that mini-book because maybe it’s a gift, or we want to move on to another project… so just simply because time is short, and we have to maximize what we can get done in the limited time we have to devote to our hobby! 

Think of  ‘artistic play’ as a way to  RECHARGE your creative battery!  This time doesn’t have any expectations! It’s a time to experiment and explore… allow yourself freedom and ENJOY that!  Color Shine is another GREAT way to ‘recharge’ your creative battery! It’s a jolt of COLOR and SHINE!

Ok, with that in mind, take a look at this project created by Media Team member Lindsay Bateman…  Lindsay will walk you through several different things you can transform using Color Shine, as well as different ways you can spray it to get unique results!  Here’s what she has to say about her Color Shine play! 


To date, this is probably one of my most favourite projects.

Not because it is a mini album, or that it was created using one of my favourite colours EVER (tropicana teal), or that it was customized using Heidi Swapp Color Shine (which is beyond AMAZING) but that it just allowed me to PLAY. Plain and simple.  It was SO much fun.  I cannot wait to even add more pieces into this album along with some favourite quotes and photographs!

I was assigned two main colours of colorshine to use for this project: Tropicana Teal and Amethyst.  I added touches of Primrose as an accent colour throughout.  I then just threw caution to the wind and began misting and personalizing all kinds of materials to come together for my album.  For the front and back covers of my album I used the Heidi Swapp Plain Chipboard Memory Files.  I trimmed them in half because I knew I wanted to coil together all of my pages into a mini book.  The plain chipboard worked perfectly for my album covers as it is a strong and sturdy base to support the album.

My first step was to transform the naked chipboard covers.  All I did was spray the covers with the Tropicana Teal Color Shine and it coated the chipboard absolutely beautifully. It amazes me that you cannot even tell that these covers used to be brown chipboard.  The colorshine just soaked into the chipboard and resulted in such a beautiful, rich and shimmery finish.  The colorshine also dried within minutes and did not leave the chipboard wet or soggy at all.

For the front embellishments I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out butterfly shapes and the Heidi Swapp Banner Delight Brushes from her digital shop.  I cut these out of Heidi Swapp Color Magic paper and misted them with Amethyst Color Shine. With a few sprays and a quick wipe down with paper towel and voila!  Beautifully personalized embellishments that just POP with colour!  My finishing touches included misting a Pink Paislee Artisan chipboard flower and butterflies with Tropicana Teal.  I also used Color Shine on white polyester satin fabric to create the handmade rosette flower (which takes the colour beautifully) as well as on seam-binding ribbon which I misted in both Amethyst and Tropicana Teal.

For the inside pages I used a mix of different elements all misted and customized with Heidi Swapp Color Shine.  This particular page I created by using my Silhouette Cameo to cut out words from Heidi Swapp’s digital Gratitude brush collection.  I used basic white card stock and just look at how the Color Shine took the words to a whole new level.  The white card stock just drank up the Color Shine beautifully.  I added a Pink Paislee chipboard heart that I Color Shined with Amethyst and some Heidi Swapp Definition Stickers. Along the edge I finished it off with some Amythest polyester satin fabric and some seam binding ribbon Color Shined with Tropicana Teal.

I also used some white felt for a page in my album.  This was really fun.  I used one of my Heidi Swapp masks and misted over top of it with Color Shine.  After pulling the mask off I was left with this really cool imprint.  I cut out some flowers on my Silhouette Cameo using Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic paper and added them to the page.  I really loved this effect!

I also misted some canvas to use in my album as additional embellishments.  Canvas takes Color Shine incredibly and the color just soaks in so well.  These are such fun embellishments to use in an album and add so much fun texture to the art journal.

I used a calendar from the Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Calendar collection as a page for my album.  I used Pink Paislee Artisan Ribbons as a decorative edge and misted them with Tropicana Teal, Amethyst and Primrose Color Shine.  Again, these fabrics welcomed the colour so beautifully and dried very quickly.

It was so fun creating these customized edges too.  These were cut out with my Silhouette using Color Magic paper and then Color Shined.  I added the Pink Paislee Artisan butterfly (which I misted with Amethyst) and the vine was cut out with my Silhouette.  It is a Heidi Swapp design and I just used basic white cardstock and misted that with Tropicana Teal.

I used the “masking technique” again on this page.  Except this time I took some large Bazzill flowers that I had in my stash, placed them on top of my Vintage Chic paper and misted the flowers.  When I lifted the flowers off the page, this is what I was left with.  I really adored the design, so I thought I would leave it.  I then added a Color Magic tag misted with Tropicana Teal, Color Magic Chipboard Alphas, Sentiment Stickers and some Bazzill flowers that I misted with Amethyst, Primrose and Tropicana Teal.

This page is one of my absolute favourites…I think I just have a think for STARS lately…and seriously how cute are they?  I cut out one star using canvas and then misted it with Amethyst.  The additional stars are all Pink Paislee Artisan chipboard stars that I misted with Tropicana Teal, Primrose and Amethyst Colorshine.  I added a bit of stitching, some Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Letters and a Definition Sticker.  Upon completion of all of the different pages I created, I used my Bind-it-all to simply coil my book together.

I love how this project came together and how it celebrated and showcased just a small fraction of the amazing elements that can be transformed with Heidi Swapp Color Shine.  There is just so much you can do with it!  It truly is such an amazing product in so many ways.  I cannot wait to use all of the other amazing colours in the collection on my future projects.  I hope I have left you all inspired to embrace the Color Shine and energized to make pretty stuff!


Thanks Lindsay!! I encourage you to take a little time to PLAY!  I for one will be spraying Color Shine to a Chipboard folder! This I gotta see for myself!  


*Creating ‘mask’ effect by spraying over unique shapes like flowers…

*Cut out a shape using your digital cutter, or die cutter or even punches, and mist  them with shine!

*cut strips of different kinds of fabric and notice how they respond to the color shine differently


*allow this to inspire you in ANY creative way! 


Lindsay… you are amazing! This color combo just made my day!


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