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creative monday

creative monday

usually i get chores done on monday- but it's more of a creative day… although i am doing laundry…

After the kids went to school this morning, I was doing the usual- picking up, and gathering dirty clothes etc, and I went into Quincy’s room and found this:


I can’t believe she didn’t tell me she did this… I am sure she figured I’d get mad for her using my Paper Source letterpress word cards and fabric for making flowers…. i think that it’s SO CUTE! She is so cute. I was so touched by her creativity, and desire to have a little Christmas spririt in her room… I had some little teary eyes…she is really growing up, and I think I sorta still treat her like a baby. She wrapped presents she got for the littles, and put them under her tree. i’m proud of her. She has SO much zest for life, and happy, enthusiasm about everything…

I have been playing with my Yudu this morning… I have been wanting to make NEW STOCKINGS to hang this year… the ones I made in China are pretty shoddy workmanship on my part, so they are falling apart… time for new ones! I bought fabric in pinks, reds and greens of solid cotton poplin, with the idea of screen printing on them. It’s quite the process.. I am making screens now- but I have done a little experimenting. I will share the outcome, but here are a couple sneek peeks…


I created my design and tested it by printing white paint onto this pre-made red felt stocking that I got from JoAnn’s (it was 50% off $1.99). Then I hot glued on some Parisian Anthology ruffles– these started out white, and I glimmer misted them Apple, and Black Cherry. Then I glued on some glittery leaves and berries as well as a couple jingle bells.


I then got brave and tried out the FLOCKING for Yudu– you print with a special adhesive that goes through your screen just like the ink does- and then you put a sheet of flocking down, and iron it for 3-5 minutes… and pull it off… it’s GORGEOUS!! Next up: glittering and FOIL!! (oooh, ahhh) I’ll be showing the process in Wednesday nights’ webshow… along with a little more ‘Holiday Magic’… This wed will be the last webshow of 2010—so plan on joining us!

OK… today’s Christmas ideas: jewels and sparkly pens!!

look at this cute ring. I love big rings, and love bows.


Forever 21 also have TONS of HUGE amazing, cool rings for cheap. Everyone loves them!! (this one is like $5.80)

Flower ring

i LOVE this bracelet… and it's only $5.80

Pearl bracelet so these are totally on MY list… i played with them a couple weeks ago when i went and got Copic Certified… that's right… i am authorized to use these pens… now i just need some! these Glitter pens are SO amazing. they sparkle like you wouldn't believe- and you can use them to add detailed sparkle… this set includes my favorite colors… and that CLEAR is to die for! love love them… you can pick these up at Blue Moon Scrapbooking

and this is the set that i wanti noticed they are on sale at the moment…  i need to do some saving for these…these are the "ciao" and have the brush tips… the idea is that you want colors that will blend together… so this set really appeals to me- good range of colors, but a variety of each color- so you can really create depth by blending… these are amazing. you only buy a pen once, and then you buy refill color. so they are truly a lifetime investment. …

and i forgot to mention… the 40% off sale at "city straps" is only on through friday- the straps are usually about $30… so 40% off is an amazing deal ($18.00 on sale!!!). .this is the one i have on my camera right now…

Pinkstrap but this is the one i want... it's new:

Pinkand white strap
simply type in "HAPPYHOLIDAYS' to get the discount!


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