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creative surge…

creative surge…

I had such fun last night-

If you read my previous post… you’ll see that I had all
these things I was trying to work on last night in the creative category!- so
of course, I didn’t work on any of it! I totally went in a whole different

I have been playing with alcohol inks like a crazy woman, if
you know me at all, you know that I get on kicks… and then that is all I do! –
so, I think that maybe I didn’t really know what you could do w/ alcohol
inks…so it’s been important just to PLAY with it… and not be afraid to screw
something up! SO, I have been just trying stuff… and I think that it’s a little
bit intimidating! (is that so lame, that even though I have been to Ranger U,
and I was still a little intimidated!?) ok, well… I am OFFICIALLY over it! I
get it!!

So last night, I had in my mind something that Janet and
Rhonna had said about making a candy box for Halloween – so, I was just wanting
to play around, and I just kept it going. This is what I created and it was so
much fuN! these little heart boxes have kind of a glossy surface… so the
alcohol inks are SO perfect. I have been loving the metallic mixatives! Here is
my synopsis on the alcohol inks: you can’t screw it uP!



So, speaking of over-killing something. These are the stamps
that I just can’t get enough of!


I have been using these a ton on the fun
Halloween projects I have been doing, and even on stuff for the boys- the
skulls are so fun, and right now, they are just so versatile!

The script stamp from Hero Arts is fab, they gave us that at
Ranger U; and the definition stamp, is my all time favorite! I just got this
one that looks like the rays of the sun, and it’s found it’s way onto almost
every project since I got it… SO, if you are wanting to pick up a few really
great, useful and versatile stamps- there you go!



So I got this email from my mom this morning, and so I have
to share it, this is just an excerpt from a letter she got that was prepping
them for a trip to another island- they will be there for a couple weeks doing
some training…

about what you will need to bring: Check on meds for malaria! It is bad here.
We take med every day and you will need insect spray for your body during the
day. (You can buy that here.) Day time mosquitoes carry Dengue Fever. Malaria
mosquitoes are from dusk to dawn. Saying that, they are not bad right now
because it is dry season. If you do come to Malakula with us, you will
definitely need to be careful.

When we
go to Malakula, there are decent flats, even with air conditioner in the
bedroom. Its $85 a night and the problem there (and most places) is
cleanliness–not anywhere close to what we are used to in our lives. We take a
top sheet sprayed with insecticide to use as a sleeping bag on top of the beds.
The showers are cold and not clean–we take wipes and shower when we get home.
We take our own towel, and food as there is nothing to buy except biscuits. We
can buy water there. I'll take care of that for us if you go.

Santo, we have a CES truck to get us around. Every other place we travel by 'transport'
which is small cars in town and the back of pickup trucks in the bush.

I just get a little chuckle thinking about my parents facing
these challenges. MOM and DAD… we will be praying for you and specifically that
you won’t get Malaria!



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