Heidi Swapp | creative escape… the ULTIMATE scrapbook indulgence!!!
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creative escape… the ULTIMATE scrapbook indulgence!!!

Well, I can’t contain my excitement anymore…and there is a little something-something up now on the website www.creativeescapeaz.com , so I feel like I can **officially, non-officially** talk about it!! there has been some little rumblings about it… and we have gotten a bunch of emails as a result of an Arizona Republic article that was published here locally about me,  tim holz and terri ouellette  (thanks again Kathy, for such a great piece!) .. so I may as well dish!  Last fall I got talking to Doug Jones… who, if you know him, you know he is an absolute delight…Doug is the owner of  bazzill basics paper … they are local here in mesa as well… and we were talking about how fun it would be to put an event together here on our turf! And AZ is such an awesome place to visit… awesome sb stores, other stamp, ribbon and inspiration stores… We thought it would be so fun to pull from the fabulous local teachers and create a ‘dream’ event!  As we met, we all had different suggestions and thoughts that would make it a truly amazing weekend!  Finally, after about 2 months and tossing around ideas, touring venues and talking numbers… we all committed to making it HAPPEN!  i can’t get over how amazing the bazzill team is. They have been so awesome to work with!   that company is a total class act. we have, quite frankly, been having a BLAST planning… (I am like giddy excited)!!!! I don’t think it can qualify as ‘event’ planning… it’s totally PARTY planning! and it’s worked out so perfect… with the baby coming only 3 weeks before the event, traveling is not going to be in the cards for awhile… so you can all come and visit ME! Meet the new little ball of inspiration! And take some seriously awesome classes… here are some sneak peeks at the resort…

we wanted it at some place really beautiful! This is the Squaw Peak Hilton Resort… it’s in  Phoenix… and it’s like totally established, beautifully renovated and has a killer convention center with the perfect number of the perfect sized rooms for our needs!  It’s got 8 pools, huge grounds, golf course etc.. (not that we’ll really have time for that, but fun to look at).

–this big, main pool has water slides and one of those lazy rivers…there is a kids camp thing… so i think that i will bring the kiddos for the weekend! they will love it!


(the rooms all open to these lush courtyards, or beautiful pools and fountains!) – um, this is not what arizona looks like in my backyard…
it must require serious gardners to achieve this in AZ!


Emily and I went there yesterday for our own look around and took these shots. We each got “salt scrub sea glow” body treatments at the spa. I don’t care where or when, a spa treatment MAKES YOUR DAY!

We had a tour of all the conf. center and rooms and I was thrilled to learn that all the beds are upgraded to those comfy pillow top cozy beds. I LOVE THAT!

(this is a look at the entrance to the conference center!)

Ok, I am not going to spill all the beans. The site will be up on the 15th. We’ll introduce the teachers, schedule, cost blah blah blah.  For now… talk to your friends, arrange babysitting, tell your husband you have to allocate a portion of your tax refund to your ‘creative escape’…. I will tell you this..  the food (all of it’s included in the cost) is going to so yummy. I tasted a bunch of stuff yesterday, met the cook staff and I was so impressed. (whew, what a relief!) … I love telling secrets!