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creativity swings and a home decor inspired birthday card

creativity swings and a home decor inspired birthday card

My creativity totally goes in cycles…if you listened to the newest episode of the Paper Clipping Round Table, (I visited with Noell and Izzy Hyman, Ali Edwards and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer) you heard me admit that I am in what I have come to lovingly categorize as a ‘creative crash’.

It’s not a bad thing! It’s a big part of the process… I used to kinda panic—thinking that I’d had my last good idea… so after years of dealing with the same cycle, I don’t think that it was until those closest to me stopped consoling me when I was in my ‘creative downswing’, because they got used to the pattern. Funny thing was that I couldn’t see the pattern, I needed someone to explain it to me! Now, I see it- and I have managed to learn a few tricks that help me get on the up-cycle.

Ideally every time this happens, I could hop on a plane to NYC or Paris and aimlessly wander the streets for a fresh dose of beauty and inspiration! However,  the reality is mostly I can’t even drive 45 min to downtown SLC or Utah County for my favorite little shops…ha!

Instead, I have figured out how to get inspired right here in my house. I will be honest…the internet doesn’t quite cut it!  for me, there is just something about a REAL magazine… I hold on to magazines for quite a while. I have a little (ok…substantial) stack. I don’t like to rip them apart- because what jumps out to me the first time, might inspire something else completely 6 months later! I have been pouring over my stack, and enjoying the ideas!

I am also equally inspired by 2 opposite circumstances: 1. The deadline. That is the ultimate inspiration, isn’t it? it does help me to have NO OTHER CHOICE but create! and 2. Having Absolutely NO REASON for creating something! And sometimes it’s a combo! Like I might have a deadline, and there I am making birthday invitations for a party 3 months away!

Ok, SO… as I have been nursing my ‘creativity crash’… I’ve been taking large doses of magazine leafing, added in a bubble bath or 2 and made a birthday card for a friend who’s bday isn’t for like 6 weeks. And I love how it turned out!

I used my last drop (not exaggerating) of Primrose Color Shine mixed with some GOLD (which is just stunning, when it comes out BUY IT for sure!) …this will be my last pink color magic project until Sept 3rd.

You can probably tell that I have been looking at ‘home décor’ magazines! I love this mix of diagonal stripes and deco lattice layers.  This required just a little bit of fussy cutting- I cut out the shape inside the grey lines on the Color Magic paper. I attached them w/ some foam dots- the dimension makes it!

I did add some of my newest Vintage Chic stickers, and of course a disco heart!

Have you ever thought of using your own instagram photos as ART on the front of a card? I had this cute cupcake photo in my instagram, and I printed it, and tucked it into a mini-instaframe (perfect for birthday wishes!)

I wanted to create an interactive component for this card- so I placed a colorful instaframe inside and used a shipping tag as a tab to hold it closed- when you lift the instaframe, you find yet another ‘openable’… this time from the No Limits collection.

I  only used ½ the openable, but I added labels, and messages to read as you unfold each layer!  (i LOVE the little tab on the side of the compass openable also cut from the Color Magic paper).

I added labels, vintage chic sentiments/definitions, and some little cards on the inside –

So, now… I love how it turned out, and I am not sure if I can actually give it away!  So since I have 6 weeks, I will let it sit on my shelf and enjoy it until it’s time to send! I am placing a reminder on my phone so I will remember to SEND!

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