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cutie cute CE autograph book…

cutie cute CE autograph book…

SO, you know we are getting close to Creative Escape, if we have an Autograph book to download… i am super excited about this  years version!
so here's the idea… this is so much fuN! check it out…

1. download the file, and unzip!


2. print out the 4 pages.  (i printed 2 of each, just to be safe!)

3. trim apart the pennants from each of the 4 pages- you will have a total of 16 pennants


4. punch holes in the top and use bookrings to 'bind' into a book

5. at the CE event, get all the teachers, and your fab friends to sign up your book

6. when you get home, string it up so you can remember what a fabulous time you had at CE!!

NOTE: i used one of the banners as a template and cut 2 pieces of chipboard from like a cracker box or whatever you can find…and then used that for my front and back covers- that will make it easier for people to sign it if it has some rigidity!


once you get them all printed out, you can decide what order you want to put them in-decide which design to use for the covers, etc.

Autographbook fun huh!!... go here to download!

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