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cyber monday…hellO!

cyber monday…hellO!

good monday morning… and hello to TONS of cyber shoppers!! is everyone BACK from awesome thanksgiving weekends and ready to jump into DECEMBER tomorrow?? amazing… and hard to believe!

we had such a blast celebrating with family in AZ, and happy to be HOME for the rest of the holidays! yes… HOME… no more trips for me!! can i just tell you how THRILLED i am? i have decided to revamp my christmas tree set up… so i have my work cut out for me! lots to do, unpack, clean out and rearrange!

Eric and i have decided to get a JUMP START on our New Years Resolutions…and we started our body-beautiful program today! months ago we bought the P90X training CDs. i'm talking like in JUNE! and we never even cracked them open- i mean, serioulsy, we have been on the GO since then, and now i am finally thinking straight! yay.


if you missed out on Friday's special pricing at House of 3… make sure you don't miss out today! jump over to Rhonna's blog… and she lists out some of her FAVORITE House of 3 kits…

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