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Day 2, check!
I took a few more photos today, but not many. I get so distracted! I didn’t take a photo of the make and take… but I found a photo that I took at home before I came! That is better than nothing. And this is a cute photo of Kara Wylie… she is so awesome! She has been helping to work the booth for a lot of years now, and despite the fact that she has to take a break from her day job(selling fiji water) she loves to come and work the booth. She is always totally happy and positive! she was popping the pieces that we needed for the make n take out.  these are elements from the ‘dream dining room clear extras’… comes in a 12×12 sheet. We took 4 of them an used jump rings and crystals to hook it all together. I love dangly stuff.
.  I thought I would share some photos of a few of my favorite people! Tim… who I have the pleasure of sharing a booth with. Stacy and Paula from BPS…they are great. I love them! And Sarah, of Scenic Route was situated right by our booth, and I think she is awesome! Today was Doug Jones’ birthday (Mr. Bazzill)…happy birthday to yoU! our booth was just right next door to Bazzill, so it was fun to laugh and joke with those folks all the day long! Tomorrow I am hoping for a chance to do a little wanderings… I have heard of a few cool things I want to check out! maybe I will be able to share! I did get that ‘flip’ camera.. so we’ll see how it works tomorrow.  Good night!


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